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Scholarships and Grants Ceremony 2011

The 2011 Scholarships and Grants ceremony was an opportunity for UniSA to recognise and reward student achievement and share their inspiring stories with the generous donors who fund the awards.

Our corporate and individual donors had the opportunity to meet the recipients face to face after the formalities and to gain an insight into how important their financial support is in each student's life.

The Scholarships and Grants ceremony is always an exciting evening and a wonderful example of what can be achieved together. We extend a warm thank you to our valued supporters who have enabled us to award 132 recipients with scholarships and grants worth over half a million dollars.

UniSA strives to remove the barriers to education by recognising outstanding scholarship, engaging our local, national and international stakeholders and fostering social justice. By providing financial aid to our students, these scholarships and grants reflect UniSA's values and help serve our vision for the future economic growth and prosperity of South Australia.

We welcome your enquiries about how you or your organisation can be part of this inspiring investment in future prosperity. Please call Helen Black on 08 8302 0974 to discuss how your contribution can change the life of a UniSA student! For information about all current UniSA scholarships and grants visit the scholarships website.