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Successful Ageing Seminars 2003 archive

17 April 2003 - Planning your finances

A seminar about banking and financial options that you may not have known existed. Find out what is available and how to shop for the best options to suit your lifestyle. Also learn some interesting facts about how other cultures arrange their finances. Presenters' notes:
Peter Lennox (PDF 111kb - download Adobe Acrobat)
Kevin Moore (PDF 681kb - download Adobe Acrobat)

18 July 2003  - Beating Stress: balancing mind and body with powerful results

Want to know the difference between good stress and bad stress or how mental and physical activities may help to reduce stress? These tips and a range of techniques for relaxation and stress management will be the focus of the July seminar on Beating Stress. Presenters' notes:
Jack Metzer (PDF 660kb - download Adobe Acrobat)
Merike Mannik (word)
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29 August 2003  - Medicines and your lifestyle (at Victor Harbor)

Do your medicines affect your lifestyle? Learn about the interactions that natural medicines can have with more conventional medicines. Just what are considered natural therapies - aromatherapy, acupuncture, herbs and vitamins - and what role these can play.

21 November 2003 - Sleep quality

As we age our sleep quality seems to be affected and we do not seem to be sleeping as well as we once did. Is this true?  Learn from experts just exactly what is going on with our sleeping patterns as we age and what we can do about it.
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