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Successful Ageing Seminars 2004 archive

16 April 2004 Anger in Society

The causes of anger in society today. Road rage and violence are a cause of anger. How do we recognise the warning signs in ourselves that lead to anger and rage. Mediation - is it the answer to diffusing anger in people? Two experts will inform you on these topics. Presenters notes:
Karen Heseltine (PDF 1Mb - download Adobe Acrobat)
Pamela Brear (27kb - Word document)

23 July 2004 Complementary Therapies

Complementary therapies -how effective are they? Should you be wary or have confidence in complementary therapies. Learn about the existing scientific evidence on complementary the therapies.
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24 September 2004 Solar - Wind - Water - The Power of Our Environment

Solar power, wind generated power and water conservation. Just what is really being done in Delfin Lend Leasethis area of power generation. What can we do to conserve energy and water? Learn about the latest scientific research and the difference we can make to our environment.
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26 November 2004 Venomous Encounters

Venoms we may encounter in Australia, home to the most venomous creatures on the planet. As if this isn't enough we also have toxins in the environment! Listen to experts describe the different types of venoms and toxins and their effects.