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Successful Ageing Seminars 2005 archive

25 November 2005 Coping with Grief

Just how do you cope? What are the processes that we go through when we grieve.

Speaker notes

Coping with grief - Melanie Parry-Jones (Word 66kb)


23 September 2005 Acupuncture and Complementary Medicine

How does it work? Magic or science? Presented by Ms Ann-Marie Morrissey and Mr Matthew Leach

Speaker notes

Naturopathy - Matthew Leach (Powerpoint 176kb)


22 July 2005 Memory

A seminar about Memory as we age. Do you feel that your memory is not as good as it used to be? Perhaps you find yourself in places and think “What am I doing here?” or do you need to write yourself reminders? Come and find out from two experts just exactly what is going on with memory as we age. More information about the seminar (PDF 80kb - download Adobe Acrobat)

Speaker notes

Memory changes in normal ageing - Lynn Ward (PDF 81kb - download Adobe Acrobat)
Ageing, memory loss and Alzheimer's disease? Dr Jane Hecker - (Powerpoint 2.1Mb)


15 April 2005 Great Grand-Parenting

This seminar will cover two areas affecting grandparents. One speaker will talk about the fact that more grandparents are either left looking after children, or have no access to their grandchildren. Another speaker will cover creating shared meaning between grandparents and grandchildren. More information about the seminar (PDF 56kb - download Adobe Acrobat)