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Successful Ageing Seminars 2006 archive

Friday 17 November 2006 - The Internet Demystified

Lecture Room BH2-09
City West Campus – UniSA
70 North Terrace

Taking the mystery out of the Internet

Presented by Mr Wayne Pedder and Dr Denise Wood

Just what is meant by Search Engines, Blogs, Podcasts, Chat Rooms, Streaming Videos, Websites and Emails. What does it all mean? What do you need to go online? If this is all a mystery to you then this seminar is for you!

A practical demonstration and an understanding of the terms and the jargon.

Friday 29 September 2006 Living with Diabetes

Is diabetes inevitable as we age? Does it run in families? Can we do anything to prevent it happening? Find out about the contributing factors and danger signs and what we can do to lessen the risk.

Presented by Professor Peter Howe, Director of the Nutritional Physiology Research Centre and Ms Kay Gallary, Manager, Health Services Diabetes South Australia.

Friday 21 July 2006 Memory Loss

As we age it seems that our short-term memory deteriorates while long-term memory becomes clearer, but is this true? Do you feel the need to write yourself reminders? You know the face, but the name escapes you? Are there really such things as ‘senior moments?’ Find out some facts about memory loss and changes in ageing.

Dementia - Reducing the risks notes (PDF 402kb - download Adobe Acrobat)
Memory changes in normal ageing - Lynn Ward (PDF 81kb - download Adobe Acrobat)
More information about the seminar (PDF 261kb - download Adobe Acrobat)

This is a repeat of the seminar presented in July 2005. See the presenters' notes.