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Successful Ageing Seminars 2007 archive

7 December 2007 - The Internet re-visited.

The Internet: what's new now? This is an abridged version of last year's most popular seminar including the best use of search engines. Plus: the dangers of allowing children to surf the Net unsupervised, with suggested safeguards. Please visit the Protocol Analysis Institute for Internet safety for kids resources and presentation materials.

More information about the seminar (PDF 1067kb - download Adobe Acrobat)
Using Internet Search Engines by Mrs Julie Burns (PDF 100kb - download Adobe Acrobat)
Internet Safety for Kids by Mr David Gardiner (PDF 1.62mb - download Adobe Acrobat)

28 September - Memory: Use it don't lose it

This seminar will explore how age affects memory and how nutrition can assist with cognitive performance. Presented by Dr Janet Bryan, Lecturer in Psychology, UniSA and Dr Lynn Ward, Lecturer in Psychology, The University of Adelaide.

More information about the seminar (PDF 704kb - download Adobe Acrobat)
Memory Changes in Normal Ageing by Dr Lynn Ward (PDF 232kb - download Adobe Acrobat)
Nutrition and Cognitive Performance by Dr Janet Bryan  (PDF 410kb - download Adobe Acrobat)

20 July - Podiatry Plus: Thinking on Two Feet

Hidden in shoes, feet are often the most neglected part of our bodies and tend to be ignored until they start to complain. This seminar will look at foot problems and how to get some extra kilometres. Presented by Ms Helen Banwell, Lecturer in Podiatry and Dr Matthew Leach, Lecturer in Naturopathy.

More information about the seminar (PDF 853kb - download Adobe Acrobat)
Thinking on Two Feet by Ms Helen Banwell (PDF 689 kb- download Adobe Acrobat)
Complementary and alternative medicine for wellbeing and diabetes by Dr Matthew Leach (PDF 641kb - download Adobe Acrobat)


20 April - Water in Adelaide: Understanding the Crisis

This seminar will explore some of the issues about our current drought and address many of the questions it raises. Presented by Adjunct Professor John Argue, Urban Water Resources Centre.

More information about the seminar (PDF 641kb - download Adobe Acrobat)