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Philanthropic giving

University of South Australia Foundation Committee

The University accepts gifts from alumni, friends, students, business and corporations to support a variety of University programs. The University values the philanthropic support and relationships of many individuals and organisations who contribute to the education outcomes and life and culture of the institution and is committed to ensuring that these community contributions are appropriately recognised and managed.

UniSA's Code of Practice: University Philanthropic Activity provides guidance to University staff and potential donors and partners on the conduct of development activities within UniSA. It also assists understanding of the University of South Australia Foundation Committee and its role.

The UniSA Foundation Committee is a subcommittee of the University Council and is responsible for the governance of the University's philanthropic policies and oversight of the management and administration of funds received.

The UniSA Foundation Committee members are:

View the UniSA Foundation Committee terms of reference (PDF 25kb - download Adobe Acrobat)

Gifts made to the University are tax deductible (DGR 726 778 151; ABN 37 313 308).

The Marketing and Development Unit's Development Office can advise on tax deductibility of donations and GST requirements but do not offer financial or tax advice. All donors and prospective donors are requested to seek their own independent advice.