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Lasting impressions - A life-changing experience in Cambodia by Skye Bennett



Re-Orienting the World: Decolonial Horizons-International Symposium


International Training Workshop on Climate Change, Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction, Malaysia


Golden Week Japan Festival-Volunteers Wanted!





BUSS 1056




MyAdvantage Development Experience


The Global Experience team wish to congratulation the Global Experience students who completed their industry panel presentations as part of the MyAdvantage Development Experience at the end of January. The quality of the portfolios and presentations were outstanding, with the industry experts on the panels highly impressed! Students, industry panel members and the GE Team enjoyed informal networking sessions following the presentations, with many valuable connections made. Congratulations to Sam Mitchell, Gemma Wood, Emma Combey, Steven Rypp, Gilson De Guzman, Kate Wight, Edward Jeanes, Prerna Ashok, Oanh Truong, Bianca Zosens, Kristen Wright, Kelvin Yeoh and Holly Cook.


Don't forget! MyAdvantage is the capstone experience of the Global Experience program and involves a preparation workshop and presentation of your experiences through GE to a panel of industry experts. MyAdvantage is worth 5 points toward your 120 total, and you must complete both components prior to graduating from your degree.


You can register to complete MyAdvantage at any time once you have attended a GE Orientation, completed at least 65 points toward your Experience Suite and have successfully completed or be enrolled in BUSS1056. For more information or to register for the next round of workshops and panels, please visit the MyAdvantage section on the GE website.



English Language Discussion Group


The Global Experience English Language Discussion Group is currently seeking Facilitators for SP2, 2011.

The Global Experience English Language Conversation Group commenced in SP5 2010 at the UniSA City West Student Lounge. The group is open to all international UniSA students who would like to practice and improve their English conversation skills as well as encourage further engagement between local and international UniSA students.


The group will take place twice weekly throughout Study Period 2 and 5 in the City West Student Lounge. The group was so successful in 2010 that the Global Experience Team would like to offer the group across more UniSA metropolitan campuses in 2011, so we are seeking expressions of interest from students based at any of the metro campuses!

For further information on the group visit the Global Experience website

Benefits of being an English Language Conversation Group Facilitator:
•   You can accrue between 10 and 20 points towards your Experience Suite for one full study period of involvement and facilitation.
•   It’s a great opportunity to network with other Global Experience and UniSA students
•   Practice your skills in intercultural and cross-cultural communication
•   Encourage a greater sense of on-campus culture and community


To submit an Expression of Interest, please complete the form found here


Applications close: Friday 18th of February, 2011.

** Induction and Training will be held for Facilitators Friday 4th March (Week 1, SP2, 2011)


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Oaktree Foundation Workshop 

Are you looking to volunteer? In 2011 you can be part of a team of like-minded energetic individuals and create real change in your local community and the developing world.

If you’re under 26, Generate is your platform to advocate, fundraise and campaign on behalf of the worldwide movement to eradicate extreme poverty.!

What is Generate?

Generate is a unique personal development program run by the Oaktree Foundation that exposes young people to the aid and development sector through active campaigning.

As a Generator, you will attend weekly sessions that develop your practical skills and train you to be an effective agent of change. Generate is specifically designed to give new volunteers the chance to make a meaningful contribution, without having to commit all of their time or have specialist skills.

The Oaktree Foundation is an aid and development organisation run by volunteers under the age of 26. We are committed to ending extreme poverty and young people taking action to create real change.

We believe that education is the most powerful force we have to change the world. Oaktree takes action by partnering with developing communities to make educational opportunities reality.


Workshop details


The Oaktree Foundation will be holding a Generate Workshop for students who are interested in getting involved in the program for 2011


When: Wednesday 2nd March 12-2pm

Where: BH4-30, City West Campus

To register:

Register for the 2011 Generate program now at
Applications Close Soon!

Points: Active participation in the Oaktree Generate Program for 2011 will l reward you with 40 points toward your Experience Suite.


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Re-Orienting the World: Decolonial Horizons

Centre for Muslim and Non-Muslim Understanding





The International Centre for Muslim and Non-Muslim Understanding (MnM) at the University of South Australia is hosting an international symposium as part of its commitment to improving understanding between Muslim and Non-Muslim communities.


The symposium will be the first in a series dedicated to address the specific questions arising from the ways in which the world continues to be haunted by the histories, economies and cultures inaugurated by Europe's framing of the globe.


Date: Tuesday 22nd - Wednesday 23rd March 2011

Location: Bradley Forum, Level 5 Hawke Building, City West Campus

Price: Student Concession - $55 (includes morning and afternoon tea and lunch daily)

To register: Complete the online registration form, which can be found here

For more information: Visit the International Centre for Muslim and Non-Muslim Understanding website


Points: Attending the Re-Orienting the World: Decolonial Horizons International Symposium will reward you with 5 points toward your Experience Suite.


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International Training Workshop on Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction, Malaysia


The World Youth Foundation, Malaysia will be hosting the International Training Workshop on Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction at Avillion Legacy Melaka, Malaysia, from the 27th-30th of April 2011.


The International Training Workshop will provide an opportunity to young people to discuss and understand climate change and the need for risk reduction and adaptation is perhaps the most important issue facing the human race and life on this planet. The International Training will also reflect on the following:

  • How can youth best work towards a sustainable and disaster risk free future?

  • How can youth assist vulnerable communities to reduce the impact of natural and human-induced hazards?

  • How can networks be forged among youth from different nationalities across the globe to bring about positive change?

  • How can development and the environment be reconciled?

  • These are some of the issues that will be highlighted at the workshop.

Pre-workshop Preparation:
Successful applicants will be expected to collect and bring to the workshop key information about their local context and climate change/disaster situation. This will be utilized in the workshop exercises and to help develop do-able regional or local collaborative project proposals that can be followed up after completion of the workshop.


Application Submission: The deadline for application is 30th March 2011.

For more information, including application criteria: Please visit the World Youth Foundation website, or contact World Youth Foundation



Points: Participation in the International Training Workshop on Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction can reward you with 20 points toward your Experience Suite.


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Golden Week Japan Festival - Volunteers wanted!


The Japan Australia Friendship Association organizes the annual Golden Week Japan Festival in May each year. The Children’s Day celebration which is the highlight of the Festival has attracted up to 5,000 people. At this event a variety of performances, demonstrations and exhibitions of Japanese culture are presented along with craft workshops and food stalls selling Japanese food.

The success of the festival has been due to the involvement of volunteers, many of whom have been international students, who help on the day. However, as the event has grown it has become necessary to establish a festival sub-committee to coordinate all aspects of festival management. Therefore, we would like to invite students at UniSA who would like to be involved in a community event to assist us in the planning and implementation of this unique festival. The festival sub-committee will provide opportunities for students, particularly in event management, to gain practical experience.


Children at a Japanese Children's Day celebration

A variety of roles are available, including:

  • Marketing & PR

  • Sponsorship

  • Equipment procurement

  • Event management

  • Volunteer management

Volunteers need to be trustworthy and reliable, diligent and committed to ensuring that all tasks are completed on time. It is envisaged that students would work together in groups to complete the tasks in their group’s area of responsibility.

Volunteers will be invited to join our post-Festival “thank you” party and the Association will provide a letter of acknowledgment/reference for use with job applications.

                                                                                Above: Children celebrating at a festival in Japan.

                                                                                Photo courtesy of Skye Bennett 

Date: The festival will be held on Sunday 1st May, however volunteers are needed NOW!


To volunteer: Please contact Mike Dunphy, President of the Japan Australia Friendship Association (JAFA) at


Points: Volunteering with JAFA can reward you with 15 or 30 points toward your Experience Suite.


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Lasting impressions - A life-changing experience in Cambodia

By Skye Bennett, Coordinator: Global Experience


“Don’t let opportunities pass you by” enthused Kate Taylor, Founder and Director of The 2h Project. I met Kate at a Global Experience Orientation in early 2009- Kate was a guest speaker delivering a session on Intercultural communication through her experiences of working with communities in Cambodia for the past 10 years.

The idea was to not only present her first hand experience of intercultural communication but to also promote the opportunities for GE students to volunteer in Cambodia and further support The 2h Project.


Skye with children in a Cambodian village

















 Above: Skye with local children in Battambang.

Kate’s presentation left me with a lasting impression. In a very modest and matter of fact manner she shared her experience of visiting Cambodia in the late 90’s, instilling a profound desire to support the Cambodian people in the monumental task of rebuilding their lives after the brutal and unforgiving Khmer Rouge period. Kate subsequently returned to Australia, completed a Bachelor of Midwifery degree at UniSA while at the same time establishing international development organisation, The 2h Project.


The 2h Project now collaborates on four development projects in both urban and rural/remote areas of Cambodia- Farming for Futures, promoting sustainable training and employment pathways the profits of which fund small business loans for rural communities; Safe Arrivals, a training program for Traditional Birth Attendants; Sight to Life, eye clinic and Beyond Business, a micro-finance arm of the project.

I was fascinated by Kate’s story and inspired by the positive impact that one person can have at a grass roots level. As luck had it, The 2h Project was sending a team of volunteers to Cambodia in November 2010 so I jumped at the chance to join.

I joined a group of 20 volunteers and spent 2 weeks at each of the projects covering Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Battambang and Pailin near the Thai border. We were extremely fortunate to be accompanied by The 2h Project Co-Director, Piseth, who’s story like many we were to hear was profoundly moving. His early years, separated from his parents and forced to endure hard labour in a Khmer Rouge labour camp impelled him to later establish a micro-finance organisation, providing interest free loans to assist desperately poor Cambodians break free from the cycle of poverty.

We were to later learn that all that is needed to establish a small business in Cambodia is $300 Australian Dollars!

The 2h Project’s Sight to Life initiative was to similarly leave a lasting impression. Not only due to the humiliation of passing out while witnessing eye surgeries, but to find out that only $40 Australian Dollars can restore sight for life following degenerative eye cataract disease.
The Sight to Life project is centred around Battambang Optical Clinic, established by Cambodian Optometrist Dr Sarou, and supported through partnership with The 2h Project, it sees over 300 eye surgeries performed each month. While in Battambang, we had the rare opportunity to be trained by Dr Sarou and then spent 2 days conducting eye assessment s in remote communities who ordinarily are unable to access vital health services.

Within two days we assessed 208 people for degenerative eye disease, 65 people would then travel to the Optical Clinic for eye surgery. I would end up pasty faced on the floor, however 65 people would regain their sight and more importantly their lives and the lives of their families and communities would change profoundly.


The 2h Team walking through a field in Cambodia

There are many more stories to tell, however it would take up an entire Bulletin! Volunteering with The 2h Project far exceeded my expectations and the insights I gained far outweighed what I put in.
Looking for a life changing experience?...I would highly recommend joining a 2h Project team to Cambodia.                                                 Above: The 2h Team walking through a field in Cambodia-Skye is 4th from the front! 

If you are interested in joining a team as part of your Experience Suite in 2011, email Kate Taylor at or visit


Points: Participating in a 2h Team can reward you with 20 points toward your Experience Suite.

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Global Experience Orientation


The first Global Experience Orientation workshop will be held Wednesday 30th March, 2011.


If you have recently joined the program, or haven't yet had the opportunity to attend this is a great chance to meet fellow like minded students in the program, meet the GE team and learn how to make the most of the fantastic experiences available to you through the Global Experience program.


Remember, orientation attendance is a compulsory component of the GE program, and we encourage you to attend a session as early in your involvement in the program as possible.


We look forward to seeing you there!


To register and for more information: please visit the Orientation page on the GE website


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BUSS 1056: Global Experience Professional Development


Enrolments are now open for SP2 and SP5, 2011. The course, Global Experience Professional Development (BUSS1056) will be offered in both main study periods in internal and external mode.


This is a fantastic way to meet and network with fellow students from a wide variety of backgrounds and disciplines from across the University. The course is a required component of your Global Experience program, and counts as 10 points toward your 120 point total.


The course focuses on your ability to network with people form diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds and helps you prepare for a borderless, global career. In addition, we have senior members from industry as guest speakers and provide multiple opportunities to interact with industry, fellow students and GE staff and practise your valuable networking skills!


Please ensure you meet the course prerequisite prior to enrolling - you must have successfully completed a minimum of 18 units at UniSA. This does not include credit you may have received from prior study, including SAIBT.


For further information: please check the course homepage and GE website.


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We want to hear from you!


Submitting 2 published articles to the Global Experience Bulletin can reward you with 5 points towards your Experience Suite.

If you would like to submit an article to the Global Experience Bulletin, email the Global Experience Team at


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