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Evaluating graduate qualities


Evaluation is essentially concerned with:

Because graduate qualities are such a central part of the curriculum, their systematic evaluation is an essential aspect of program evaluation and should occur within the wider evaluation activities as set out in the University policy A-35.A

To facilitate this evaluation, there are two main sources of evaluative information about your program—the national graduate Course Experience Questionnaire (CEQ) and the University of South Australia’s Course Evaluation Instrument (CEI).

The two instruments provide information about a program which varies in the scope, specificity and time lag.

However, the combination of data provides a rich source of information which can be used to plot developments over time and to address particular issues of quality improvement.

Course Experience Questionnaire (CEQ)

The Graduate Course Experience Questionnaire (GCEQ) is a nationally based questionnaire administered to all graduates of undergraduate programs in Australian universities by the Graduate Careers Council of Australia (GCCA). It is sent out in the April following a cohort’s final year and results are collated and sent to individual universities who make it available to staff. In addition, the results are published (among other things) in the Good Universities Guide and in the national press.

The CEQ has 25 questions that are aggregated into scales. One of these scales is called Graduate Skills and consists of the following 6 items from the questionnaire.

By the time the CEQ is available through the University it is about 1 year after students have left the University and by the time it is published in the Good Universities Guide it is about 18 months after they have left. Further, some response rates are extremely low. However, the value of this information is that it can be compared nationally across institutions and disciplines and is used to determine the level of funding the University recieves from the Federal Government.

Course Evaluation Instrument (CEI)

The Course Evaluation Instrument (CEI) collects data at a course level, however the data from any courses can be aggregated so that comparative information can be obtained for a program, year level or strand.

The compulsory core of 10 questions has the following 2 Likert Scale response items:

The CEI allows you to create up to 10 of your own Likert Scale response items. You could use this facility to gather data on any aspect of the graduate qualities in your course. Possibilities include:

The CEI allows you to create up to 3 text response items. You could use this facility to gather qualitative data on any aspect of the graduate qualities in your course.