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Supporting scholarly writing about graduate qualities

Background literature

There is no doubt that a major shift in the discourse of higher education has occurred over recent years. The move toward a mass rather than an elite system, economic restructuring as a result of rapid, converging technological change, a public policy environment which pursues quality assurance and educational reform through accountability for university teaching and a globalised, knowledge-based economy that emphasises the links between education and economic competitiveness for both individuals and nations have all played a part in the increased focus on higher education as preparation for employability.

The links below are to DEST publications which have influenced the higher education move to qualities, attributes or skills.

Developments in other ATN universities

Generic capabilities of ATN university graduates This report is the outcome of a reflective, developmental process involving six academic development staff and thirteen course teams in the five ATN universities. The project involved the analysis of case studies from each institution, a review of the existing literature on graduate capabilities and reflection on the issues highlighted through the integration of the case studies with the literature. 

Developments in other Australian universities

UniSA Staff articles

These UniSA staff have published an article or conference paper about graduate qualities and included it on their staff home page.

Examples of graduate quality projects in UniSA are available as exemplars.