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International alert series: The BIG Issues

Beyond Tsunami - Caritas Australia response

Jack de Groot, Caritas AustraliaMr Jack de Groot, CEO, Caritas Australia

Ladies and Gentlemen:
Thank you for this opportunity to be here in Adelaide.

Adelaide is a very important city for my organization for it is here that we have much of our founding story in the work of the Catholic Church of Adelaide.

Tonight as you have heard already there is much that is of achievement, challenge and opportunity as our organizations stand in solidarity with the affected communities of Asia who were ravaged by the Boxing Day Tsunami

A) Caritas Australia

Our agency may not be well known to many of you so let me say a couple of things briefly about us.

Caritas Australia

B) The Asian Tsunami Emergency and our Partners

Our partners for the response are



E) The Current Program State of Play


Sri Lanka



F) Challenges and Learnings

Tonight is about the Big Issues – Beyond the Tsunami. So what is it that have been our Challenges and Learnings

Beyond the tsunami there is a Big Issue – it is to make poverty history.

And that is The rest of our work that cannot be forgotten and Is now being embraced

Thank you

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