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What are we going to do?

A reflection on ways forward for non-Indigenous South Australians to respond to Indigenous South Australian concerns
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Summary of speeches

The forum was chaired by Ms Leanne Liddle (Aboriginal Partnerships, Dept of Environment and Heritage)

The Context – Professor Lowitja O’Donoghue


Health – Dr Peter Ford


Action is required


Higher Education – Professor Michael Rowan

Using UniSA’s goals and vision as a model, higher education for indigenous people should:


Final note

Higher education is not the most critical area for indigenous culture, but higher education institutions must be supportive of indigenous students.


Tourism – Ms Jane Sloane



Social Barriers in the Legal System – Commissioner Ted Mullighan QC

Possible solutions


Mr Elliott Johnston, AO QC


Questions and statements from audience



Protecting culture

Human rights



Practical things that individuals can do


Summary of suggestions for action

At the symbolic level

At government and bureaucratic level (including NGOs)

In education

In health

In tourism

In the law

In business

In sport

As individual citizens