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October 2012

Mother's little helpers Sydney Morning Herald, 7 Oct 2012 (also in Sun Herald)- www.smh.com.au
Flexibility works out both ways The Australian, 6 Oct 2012

Labour market needs flexibility for older workers CEDA, 3 Oct 2012

ABC1 Midday Report, 2 Oct 2012, interview with Prof Barbara Pocock on use of smart phones, laptops and the spillover of work into home.

September 2012

Caltex oils path to lure new parents back, Australian Financial Review, 26 Sept 2012,

Mining jobs blamed for poor work-life balance, Australian Mining, 26 Sept 2012
Mining takes toll on well-being, Gladstone Observer, 26 Sept 2012
ABC 612 Brisbane (Brisbane) Afternoons interview with Prof Pocock on Australian Work and Life Index findings, 26 Sept 2012

The Big Squeeze: work life imbalance, ABC Radio National 'Life Matters', 24 Sept 2012

Work-life balance still a big squeeze for Aussie workers, 24 Sept 2012

ABC 666 Canberra Afternoons, Prof Pocock, co-author of The Big Squeeze, discusses work life balance and people doing 'spillover tasks' at home, 24 Sept 2012.

ABC North Coast NSW (Lismore) Mornings, interview with Prof Pocock on 'The Big Squeeze' report tracking the experience of workers over the past five years - technology has proved a mixed blessing, 24 Sept 2012

Majority of workers unaware of right to request flexibility benefits, new study reveals smartcompany, 24 Sept 2012
'Instant response society': work-life balance a growing struggle, Sydney Morning Herald, 22 Sept 2012
Government wants to open access to flexible hours, The Australian, 22 Sept 2012

Employees missing out on flexible working hours Sydney Morning Herald, 22 Sept 2012
Working mum's life a balancing act, The Australian, 22 Sept 2012

Flexible work bid stalls The Age, 22 Sept 2012

Perpetual motion: sandwich carers find life's no picnic as they try to balance work and home The Age, 22 Sept 2012

Flexibility' leading to unpaid work The Age, Technology, 22 Sept 2012

Balancing act: time-poor women struggle to switch off Sydney Morning Herald, 22 Sept 2012
'Tendrils of work squeeze our lives', Saturday Age editorial, 22 Sept 2012
Managing the managers: Hard-pressed bosses need to find time to make productive changes writes Barbara Pocock Saturday Age, 22 Sept 2012
Flexible working arrangements make it easier to balance family commitments and full-time work The Advertiser, 22 Sept 2012

Full-time employees feel work-life balance is out of kilter and want to work 8 fewer hours each week The Advertiser, 22 Sept 2012

Future Fellow tackles gender inequality in frontline care, 19 Sept 2012

House husbands still a TV fantasy  The Age, 15  Sept 2012
A worthwhile investment The Australian, Higher Education, 15 Sept 2012

August 2012

Benefits of softening up - Flexibility is a win-win for employees and employers, Claire Hutchinson, The Saturday Age, My Career, 25 Aug 2012. 

Radio Adelaide, The Wire, 21 Aug 2012, Discussion on topic the working poor are those most requiring food relief services - participants included Prof Barbara Pocock.
Retirees reject raising super age Australian Financial Review, 18 Aug 2012
ABC TV The Drum/The Conversation Workable solutions Prof Barbara Pocock highlights some of the imperfect freedoms of independent contract work, 17 August 2012

Hidden gender: men want more free time for themselves The Advertiser, 11 Aug 2012
Branded Scarlet Women - a report on sexual harassment in our workforce, Madison, August 2012

July 2012

The power is yours, The Saturday Age and the Sydney Morning Herald, 28 July 2012
ABC News 24 Weekend Breakfast show, Sydney, 28 July 2012, interview with Prof. Pocock discussing health problems associated with people not taking holidays.
The imperfect freedoms of the freelancer in the changing world of work, The Conversation 24 July 2012
Time poverty problem growing for family business, Adelaide Advertiser, 10 July 2012
Fresh views on board, Adelaide Advertiser, 7 Jul 2012, [Prof Barbara Pocock's appointment to South Australian Economic Development Board.]
Work really does sicken us, Adelaide Advertiser, 6 Jul 2012.

June 2012

A Balancing Act, Business Review Australia  June 2012 magazine p. 60 - 69
Make or break time', The Saturday Age, 30 June 2012 , Careers, Page 3 & Sydney Morning Herald, 30 June 2012, Careers, Page 23
Got Global Work and Family Research?  The Huffington Post, USA, 19 June 2012

May 2012

Radio Adelaide (Adelaide) The Wire, 30 May 2012, Interview on Federal Government's Enterprise Migration Agreement [included Assoc Prof. Sara Charlesworth]

'Ease the time tug of war', Barbara Pocock, Sydney Morning Herald, Careers, 26 May 2012 also in The Saturday Age

Who moved my weekend The Global Mail, 24 May 2012

5AA (Adelaide) Breakfast, 23 May 2012, interview with Assoc Prof. Sara Charlesworth on sex discrimination at work
ACTU out to reverse work 'casualisation', improve bargaining power The Australian,  16 May 2012
Casual workers need annual leave - ACTU, The Telegraph, 16 May 2012

ABC South West WA (Bunbury) South West Mornings 9 May 2012, interview with Assoc Prof. Sara Charlesworth on Australian mothers spending more time in the workforce
'Boomers leave big shoes to fill', The Saturday Age, 5 May 2012
'Ageing boomers leave industry facing bust', Sydney Morning Herald, 5 May 2012
Job blues put our minds to work  The Brisbane Times 5 May 2012, also reported in The Age
Top of worry list: work, work, work Sydney Morning Herald 5 May 2012

April 2012

Balancing act at the top Sydney Morning Herald, 30 Apr 2012

Sex harassment: many victims quit rather than speak out The Age, 29 Apr 2012

Panel discussion on whether Australian society takes sexual harassment
seriously enough or takes it too far, ABC Radio National (Canberra) 'Drive', 24 Apr 2012 Panel includes Assoc.Prof. Sara Charlesworth

Employees who make sexual harassment complaints are first to leave, Human Capital Magazine, 17 Apr 2012

Sexual harassment still a persistent workplace issue, Health Canal, 17 Apr 2012 

Sexual harassment concern, Cairns Post QLD, 17 Apr 2012  
Report looks at sexual harassment, AAP Newswire, Australia 16 Apr 2012
Work sexual harassment still a worry, Northern Territory News, Darwin 17 Apr 2012

'Balancing act a cause of tension', The Age, 19 Apr 2012, Supplements, Page 5 - also in the Sydney Morning Herald
Payouts in sexual harassment settlements hardly worth the trouble Brisbane Times 16 Apr 2012, also reported in Sydney Morning Herald, Ararat Advertiser
Paltry payouts for sexual harassment: report ABC world today interview (co-author Paula McDonald)
Channel 10 'The Project' interview with Sara Charlesworth on sexual harassment report, 16 April
Sexual harassment victims seek more than just money, Campus Daily 16 April 2012 (co-author Paula McDonald QUT)
Most complainants settle for less in sexual harassment cases
Canberra Times, 16 Apr 2012
Report looks at sexual harassment Channel 9 News, 16 Apr 2012
The Gillard Government faces class war in Federal Budget The Advertiser, 13 Apr 2012
Easter a precious break from work, work, work Sunday Age/ WA Today, 8 Apr 2012
Mature type seeks romance, deserves dignity and respect Canberra Times, 7 Apr 2012
Business groups unhappy with detail of proposed equal opportunity legislation SmartCompany, 4 Apr 2012

New laws force taxpayer-funded companies to promote women, Herald Sun 4 Apr 2012

Promote women or miss government deals, The Advertiser, 3 Apr 2012

March 2012

Graduate pay rides the boom The Weekend Australian, 31 Mar 2012
Rethinking theories of time and space Canberra Times, 28 Mar 2012

Insecure workers tell their stories, The Wire, 22 Mar 2012

Casuals feel 'second class' Bendigo Advertiser 15 Mar 2012
Genders aren't equal, according to capitalism, Oregon Daily Emerald (US), 6 Mar 2012
Sleeping giant: worker fatigue 'epidemic'
Canberra Times, 5 Mar 2012

February 2012

Interview with Dr Natalie Skinner on new book: Time Bomb: Work, Rest and Play in Australia Today , ABC Goldfields WA (Perth), Mornings, 29 Feb 2012

Interview with Dr Natalie Skinner, SA, on new book 'Time Bomb', 2UE (Sydney), Afternoon 25 Feb 2012
Workplace Time Bomb Radio Adelaide Breakfast, 22 Feb 2012
Inquiry told workers lose job benefits The West Australian 21 Feb 2012

Time of your life  89.9 LightFM Melbourne 20 feb 2012

Fathers trapped at work The West Australian, 16 Feb 2012

Grappling with the time bomb of Australia's work, rest and play The  Conversation, 14 Feb 2012

New book: Time Bomb, Interview with Barbara Pocock ABC 'The Drum' 14 Feb 2012

New book chronicles the time troubles of Australians, UniSA News February 2012

New book: Time Bomb, Interview with Barbara Pocock, 5AA Adelaide 'Mornings' 12 Feb 2012

Get a life? Sorry, no time BrisbaneTimes, 12 Feb 2012
Work rest and play in Australia today  ABC Radio National Saturday Extra,11 Feb 2012 (audio)
Call to help women caring for parents The Australian, 11 Feb 2012
Having the time of your life? The Australian, 11 Feb 2012
Fathers juggling work-life time bomb struggling to nurture parent-child bond
The Age, 11 Feb 2012
Long hours putting strain on families The Advertiser, 10 Feb 2012
Greens to push for flexible working hours The Age, 10 Feb 2012

Time Bomb; Work, rest & play in Australia today, Books and Beyond, Australian Financial Review, 10 Feb 2012
The Australian Work Culture  Radio National Panel Discussion, 2 February 2012, Guests including Prof Barbara Pocock
Fair Work Australia decision to increase pay for community workers, 2MCE (Orange), Prof Barbara Pocock, News, 2 February 2012

Point Break: Tired, stressed, burnt out? It's time to boost your productivity and book a holiday. Management today,  MT, February 2012

January 2012

Women's earnings in sport, Prof Barbara Pocock, Radio 5AA Adelaide, 31 January 2012
Australians working longer hours, Channel 10 (Melbourne) The Project 20 Jan 2012
Interviewees: Barbara Pocock, Director of the Centre for Work and Life, University of South Australia; Bill Shorten, Acting Treasurer on

All work and no time to play The Australian, 14 Jan 2012


Media reports, interviews and discussions

July - December 2011

I wrote this article while juggling kids and an Apple The Daily Telegraph,  28 Dec 2011

Interview ABC 612 Brisbane on the trial of a nine-day working fortnight by Albury City Council, Dec 2011

Women more likely to feel torn over roles The Age, 17 Dec 2011

Make every second weekend a long weekend ABC Mornings, Melbourne 14 Dec 2011

ABC Mornings Goulburn Murray (Wodonga) Albury City Council trialling a nine-day fortnight for its employees.

ABC 612 Brisbane, The Conversation Hour with Professor Barbara Pocock, Director, Centre for Work And Life on research into happiness at work and in life.

ABC North and West SA (Port Pirie) North and West Mornings interview with Dr Natalie Skinner, Researcher, Centre for Work and Life, about her SafeWork SA-funded report 'Work quality, not just quantity' 18 November 2011.

Flexible work 'boosts health, productivity'  ABC News , 17 Nov 2011

All work and no play for Aussies The West Australian, 27 Oct 2011

Generations unite in wish for fewer hours The West Australian, 27 Oct 2011

One in two would work 10 hours a day for a three-day weekend - survey The Advertiser, 10 Oct 2011

5AA (Adelaide) Breakfast Interview with Barbara Pocock, Director, Centre for Work and Life, on an Australia SCAN projection of changing Australian families 10 Oct 2011

Training must be tailored when money and time are short, Barbara Pocock, Campus Review, 12 Sep 2011

Childcare revolution in push to keep staff, Adelaide Advertiser, 08-Sep-2011

Share the mother load Sydney Morning Herald, 27 Aug 2011

The only way is up: Progress has stalled in achieving equality in the workplace Sydney Morning Herald,27 Aug 2011

An equal footing still step too far  The Saturday Age,27 Aug 2011

Enough is Enough: choice of break or breakdown, Sunday Mail Adelaide, 21 Aug 2011

Women on farms have as much need as city women to find the right balance between employment, home and family duties and personal needs. The Eyre Tribune, 18 Aug 2011

Mum's give birth to new companies The Advertiser, 13 Aug 2011

When leisure becomes work, it's time to switch off and get a life The Age, 13 Aug 2011

'Women do twice as much housework than men' ABC 612 Brisbane (Brisbane) Drive, 2 August 2011

'Seven out of ten working mothers are always rushed and pressed for time' 6PR (Perth) Afternoons, 2 August 2011

Why Housework is a dirty Word, Sydney Morning Herald, 31 July 2011

Working mothers most stressed Times of India, 21 July 2011

ABC North and West SA (Port Pirie) SA Country Hour -  Rural Women in Agriculture and Business SA conference, 19 July 2011

Counting cost of returning to work The Advertiser, 19 Jul 2011

'Still a significant gap with women doing twice as much domestic work as men' 2UE Sydney (Weekend) 1 July 2011

Jan - June 2011
Bank forks out to set super lead on parental leave Sydney Morning Herald, 30 June 2011

The mumpreneur myth, Herald Sun, Sun 26 June 2011

Flexible work hours benefit businesses: study ABC Lateline 26 June 2011

Workaholics now in pursuit of leisure, Sydney Morning Herald, 25 June 2011,

Study may not always pay off, The Advertiser, 25 Jun 2011

iPlod: Australia now a wired nation addicted to work, Sydney Morning Herald, 23 June 2011

Casual employees have their work cut out for them, Ballarat Courier, 18 June 2011

Paid leave for volunteers a win-win for all, Sydney Morning Herald, 4 June 2011

Call for all employees to enjoy flexible workplace benefits, The Advertiser, 26 May 2011All Hands on Flex - Prof Barbara Pocock The 7pm project (Channel 10),  27 May 2011

SBS Ethnic Radio (Melbourne) 1, 27 May 2011

Australians Believe they don't have enough Free Time, ABC 891 Adelaide, interview with Barbara Pocock, 24 May 2011

ABC Radio National, 'Life Matters', 20 May 2011 Talkback: Is there ever a right time to have a baby? Panel included Prof Barbara Pocock

Pay ruling a 'milestone' for women, The Age, 17 May 2011

The workaholic nation, Sydney Morning Herald, 7 May 2011

Joys of parenthood ruined by pressure, Adelaide Now, 5 May 2011 

Casual workforce... a worrying trend?, ABC Radio, 'Mornings' Sydney, 5 May 2011

Over Work Common, Not just Politicians, ABC 891 Adelaide, 4 May 2011

An interview with Sara Charlesworth, Associate Professor, on the government's announcement of measures to support families who must deal with the costs of raising teenagers. ABC NewsRadio Mornings (Sydney) 4 May 2011

Casuals have work cut out, Brisbane Times, 1 May 2011

Big residential developments kill off community, experts say, The Advertiser, March 23, 2011

Australian working mums doing it tough, The Advertiser, 19 Mar 2011

In the majority already, it's a case of merit over matter, Sydney Morning Herald, 9 Mar 2011

Hired help eases the work strain, The Advertiser, 21 January 2011

Paid parental leave the icing on the cake for new mothers, The Age, 2 Jan 2011

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