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Upcoming Seminars and Public Events

Wed 17 Oct 3-4.30pm, Dr Megan Moskos, Research Fellow, National Institute of Labour Studies, Flinders University will present 'Low skill men's access to 'women's' work in Australia: The importance of gender essentialism.'

Wed 14 Nov 3-4.30pm Assoc Prof Karina Nilsson, Umea University, Sweden will present 'Work and family in Sweden'.

To register contact Jen Manning on (08) 83024175 or jen.manning@unisa.edu.au

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Recent Events

Minister launched Australian Work Life Index 2012

Hon Mark Butler MPThe 2012 Australian Work Life Index (AWALI) was launched on 28 September 2012 by the Federal Minister for Mental Health and Ageing, the Hon Mark Butler MP, at an event hosted by CEDA (Committee for Economic Development of Australia), together with the Centre for Work + Life and SafeWorkSA.

The 2012 Australian Work and Life Index survey is the latest large national survey of work-life experiences in Australia and provides a unique national bench-mark of work-life outcomes by sex, age, geographic location, employment characteristics and other social demographic factors. AWALI 2012 reports are available for download here. Podcasts of the launch can be downloaded from the AWALI home page.

Fellowship Success

Associate Professor Sara Charlesworth has been awarded an Australian Research Council (ARC) 2012 Future Fellowship. The Fellowship entitled Prospects for quality work and gender equality in frontline care is for a four year period. Media Release

Staff Activities

Professor Barbara Pocock is the keynote speaker for the 2012 Women in Super National Road Show and presented 'The ticking time bomb - putting together jobs and larger life' being presented across Australia in August and September 2012.  

Assoc Prof Sara Charlesworth gave keynote 'Work & Care: Australian Regulatory and Policy Innovations' to Work/Family Challenges: EU and Comparative Investigations Workshop Family and Work Network, Nuffield Foundation, London, 11 September 2012. More presentations

New Publications

AWALI 2012 reports are now available for download here

More publications


Mother's little helpers Sydney Morning Herald, 7 Oct 2012
Flexibility works out both ways
The Australian, 6 Oct 2012

Labour market needs flexibility for older workers CEDA, 3 Oct 2012

The Big Squeeze: work life imbalance, ABC Radio National 'Life Matters', 24 Sept 2012

Future Fellow tackles gender inequality in frontline care, September 19 2012

More media commentary


PhD scholarships offered in 2012 currently open.

Submissions to Parliamentary Committees

House of Representatives Standing Committee on Education and Employment
Inquiry into the Fair Work Amendment (Better Work/Life Balance) Bill 2012, Centre for Work + Life Submission

Senate Education, Employment and Workplace Relations Legislation Committee
Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Amendment Bill 2012 Centre for Work + Life Submission

2013 International Conference

The fifth international Community, Work and Family Conference 'Challenges and Changes in a Globalising World' will take place on 15-17 July 2013 in Sydney, Australia. This is being co-hosted by the Centre for Work + Life with Australian Institute of Family Studies and Women and Work Research Group, Business School, University of Sydney.