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AAPAE Conference

AAPAE logo12th Annual Conference
28–30 September, 2005
City West Campus, University of South Australia,
Adelaide South Australia

The Annual AAPAE Conference is the longest-established conference in Australasia in the area of professional and applied ethics. Sessions and presentations have regularly dealt with a variety of topics, ranging from ethical issues in health care, to business ethics, ethical issues in education, research ethics, and a variety of others. Presenters have included academics and practitioners from a variety of fields, and keynote speakers drawn from prominent roles in public and professional life.

Program (PDF 20 kb)


Most of the papers are available here in PDF (download Adobe Reader

Opening keynote speaker

Ethics and public policy

Hon Nick Xenophon MLC 

Other keynote speakers

Apology, justice and respect: a critical defence of political apologies

Assoc Prof Janna Thompson
Head, University of Melbourne Division
Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics
Full paper (PDF 147 kb) 

The indispensability of individual judgement in organisational ethical performance
Assoc Prof Stephen Cohen
AAPAE past president and Director,
Graduate Programs in Professional Ethics, UNSW
Full paper (PDF 169 kb) 

Ethics and dialogue in religion and public policy (Presidential Address)
Assoc Prof Chris Provis
School of Management, University of South Australia; AAPAE President 2005
Full paper (PDF 123 kb) 

Abstracts, papers and presentations

Professional ethics for politicians
(refereed paper) 
Andrew Alexandra 
Abstract (PDF 117 kb)
Full paper (PDF 146 kb)  

Virtue ethics, Aristotle and organisational behaviour
Peter Bowden
Abstract (PDF 121 kb)
Full paper (PDF 157 kb)  

A comparative analysis of whistleblower protection
Peter Bowden
Abstract (PDF 131 kb)
Full paper (PDF 176 kb)  

When conflicts of interest are an unavoidable problem (refereed paper)
Stephen Coleman
Abstract (PDF 124 kb)
Full paper (PDF 122 kb) 

Developing intellectual capital for good business 
Christine Edwards 
Abstract (PDF 120 kb) 

Rethinking ‘business is business': a criticalist perspective to teaching business ethics
Wayne Fallon
Abstract (PDF 125 kb)
Full paper (PDF 164 kb)  

In praise of collegiality
Ronald Francis
Abstract (PDF 127 kb) 

How the rise of virtue ethics could change the church’s view of business
Howard Harris
Abstract (PDF 129 kb) 

Ethics and euthanasia: natural law philosophy and latent utilitarianism (refereed paper)
Ian Harriss
Abstract (PDF 132 kb)
Full paper (PDF 130 kb) 

What do adolescents find when they surf the web for counselling? The nature and ethics of online adolescent counselling websites
Anasuya Jegathevi Jegathesan and John Court
Abstract (PDF 134 kb) 

Rationality, euthanasia and the sanctity of life (refereed paper)
Paul Jewell
Abstract (PDF 135 kb)
Full paper (PDF 118 kb)  

Should genetically modified organisms be patentable (refereed paper)
Justine Lacey and Julian Lamont
Abstract (PDF 135 kb)
Full paper (PDF 141 kb)  

Justice and equity v mercy (refereed paper)
Mark Lauchs
Abstract (PDF 130 kb)
Full paper (PDF 142) 

The accountability of NGOs in civil society and its public spheres (refereed paper)
Glen Lehman
Abstract (PDF 125 kb)
Full paper (PDF 197 kb) 

Free speech in the workplace: findings and analysis of a qualitative research study (refereed paper)
Rob Macklin and Earl W Spurgin
Abstract (PDF 137 kb)
Full paper (PDF 138 kb)

The state of corporate social responsibility in the Philippines
Jose Mario B Maximiano 
Abstract (PDF 135 kb)
Full paper (PDF 211 kb)  

Sustainability policy and religious ethics: an outline for research
Stephen McKenzie
Abstract (PDF 132 kb)
Full paper (PDF 149 kb)  

Managers’ moral reasoning: an empirical study of North Indian manufacturing managers
Manjit Monga
Abstract (PDF 122 kb) 

Ethics and unified justice examination in the People’s Republic of China 
Roderick O’Brien
Abstract (PDF 131 kb)
Full paper (PDF 158 kb) 

Conflicts of interest: toward an applied approach 
Nigel Palmer, Annette Braunack-Mayer, Garrett Cullity, Chris Provis and Wendy Rogers
Abstract (PDF 135 kb) 

Challenging the oxymoron of political ethics: autobiographical reflections on attempts at ethical reform in post-Fitzgerald Queensland 
Noel Preston
Abstract (PDF 133 kb) 

Rogers vs Whitaker: principles, perceptions and practicalities (refereed paper)
Bernadette Richards
Abstract (PDF 144 kb) 

The demise of contemporary marketing and the end of the marketing concept: some implications for business ethics
Michael Schwartz
Abstract (PDF 118 kb) 

The biological imperative
John Tons
Abstract (PDF 122 kb) 

Does nursing ethics fit in with philosophy and bioethics?
Leila Toiviainen
Abstract (PDF 134 kb) 

Ethical principle or dogmatic rule: the compulsory returning of interview transcripts to participants
Martin Tolich
Abstract (PDF 131 kb)

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