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The older-person-centred mediation project brochure (PDF 250 kb)

'Active ageing, empowerment and security' workshops,
24–25 September 2012

Program of the workshop for older adults and their families, 24 September 2012 (Word 26 kb)

Program of the workshop for service providers, 25 September 2012 (Word 26 kb)

Dale Bagshaw, 'Preventing the financial abuse of older people by their family members', PowerPoint (1.67 MB)

Doris Gioffre, 'Role of ARAS in preventing financial exploitation or abuse of older adults by a family member' (PDF 1.67 MB)

Alex Kalache, Adelaide Thinker in Residence, 'Active ageing, empowerment and security', PowerPoint (2.9 MB)

Other seminars or conference papers

'Preventing the financial abuse of older people by a family member', public seminar with Adjunct Associate Professor Dale Bagshaw, City West Campus, University of South Australia, 16 June 2011.
PowerPoint (1.5 MB)

'The prevention of abuse of older women by their family members', paper presented by Adjunct Associate Professor Dale Bagshaw at the Domestic Violence Resource Centre Conference: 'Equal or Different? Respecting Older Women: Responding to Older Women's Experiences of Family Violence, Sexual Assault and Elder Abuse', Melbourne, 6 April 2011. (PowerPoint 1.68 MB)


Dale Bagshaw, Sarah Wendt and Lana Zannettino 2009, Preventing the abuse of older people by their family members, Stakeholder Paper 7, Australian Domestic & Family Violence Clearinghouse.

Office for the Ageing, Department of Families and Communities 2007, Our actions to prevent the abuse of older South Australians, Government of South Australia, Adelaide.


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