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Information to assist with a successful placement

Please refer to the Clinical Placement Policy (PDF 311KB)


What are my responsibilities?

How do I get a placement?

When are my placements scheduled?

Can I ask for a change to placement allocation?

Can my placement dates change?

What are my requirements prior to placement?

How do I submit my completed documents?

What are my requirements when on placement?

What do I wear when on placement?

How can I change my placement assessment requirements?

Will I be required to undertake a rural placement?

I need assistance to use 'myPlacement'. Where do I go?

Where can I find my Clinical Grid?

Where can I find the relevant forms and documents?

What if I'm a Student with a Disability?

What if I'm an interstate student?

Are any Scholarships and Grants available?

Who do I contact about my placement?

Your first point of contact for any questions is always Campus Central