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Professional associations

In the Professional associations section of your staff home page you can list the professional associations that you are a member of.

To add or change text in the Professional associations section:

Staff home page

The log on window will open.

Log on window

The Change information page will open.

Change information window

Scroll down the Change information page to the Professional associations section.

Change information window

The Change Professional associations for... page will open.

Change Professional associations for window

  1. Enter the name of your professional association.

  2. Click Save, and Return.

Note: If you want to format text (ie use bold or italic) or format blocks of text (indent paragraphs, add paragraph breaks between text) you will need to use HTML coding. See Format text for more information. See Insert hyperlink if you wish to add a hyperlink.

The Change information page will open showing the newly added professional association as shown below.

Change information window

The professional association you have added has been saved so you can now add information to the other sections of your staff home page (see Add or change information).

If you have finished making changes to your staff home page: