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Expertise for media contact

In the Expertise for media contact section of your staff home page you can provide details of your expertise, as well as indicate your willingness to provide expert commentary on particular subjects to the media. Providing expert commentary to the media can increase your own profile and can also enhance UniSA's public reputation within the community.

Note: Staff in the Marketing and Development Unit (MDU) use information staff enter into the Expertise for media contact field on staff home pages to develop a database of expertise which is made available to the media.

To add or change text in the Expertise for media contact section:

Staff home page showing the Change link

The log on window will open.

UniSA network computer logon window

The Change information page will open.

Staff home page Change information screen

Scroll down the Change information page to the Expertise for Media Contact section.

Change information window

The Change Expertise for Media Contact for ... page will open.

Change Expertise for Media contact window

  1. Select the Discipline of your expertise, or type it in if not in the list.

  2. Enter your area of expertise.

  3. Enter your phone numbers and click the check box if you are happy for your mobile number to be given to the media and MDU.

  4. Tick the relevant boxes to indicate your previous media experience and your willingness to participate in media contact.

  5. Provide other relevant information.

  6. Click Save, and Return

Note: From all data entered, only your Discipline and Expertise will be published on your staff home page. All other information is hidden from public view, although it can be accessed by the Marketing and Development Unit.

The Change information page will open showing the newly added expertise for media contact information.

Change information screen

The Web view of your staff home page will show only the Discipline and Expertise information in the Expertise for Media Contact section as shown below.

Expertise for media contact section

The Expertise for Media Contact information you have added has been saved so you can now add information to the other sections of your staff home page (see Add or change information).

If you have finished making changes to your staff home page: