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Other Contacts

In the Other Contacts section of your staff home page you can list contact details for your personal assistant, School Office or other relevant support staff. When adding the contact details for any support staff please remember to ask/notify them first.

Note: Please list position titles rather than names as people are more likely to change than the role or the phone number. 

To add or change text in the Other Contacts section:

Staff home page showing the Change link

The log on window will open.

UniSA network computer logon window

The Change information page will open.

Staff home page Change information screen

Scroll down the Change information page to the Other Contacts section.

Staff home page showing the change link

Change button in other contacts 

The Change Other Contacts ... page will open.

Change other contacts 

  1. Type in the position title/role for your Other Contact.

  2. Type in the phone number for your Other Contact.

  3. Save, and Return.

The Change information page will open showing the newly added Other Contact, as shown below.

Other contacts 

The Other Contact has now been saved so you can now add information to the other sections of your staff home page (see Add or change information).

If you have finished making changes to your staff home page: