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Check box

An element on a Web page. A check box activates a particular function, and its status is either "activated" or "not activated". You can activate a check box by clicking on it, and a tick will appear. In the image below the check box is currently "not activated":

Inactive checkbox

But if you activate the check box, by clicking on it, a tick will appear to show that the check box has been activated as shown in the image below:

Activated checkbox

Course ID

A Course ID is a six digit numerical code that was used by the University’s management system prior to the implementation of Medici. Course IDs are unique identifiers still used in conjunction with UniSAnet products. Course IDs are displayed on course homepages, in brackets, next to the Medici area and catalogue number e.g. BUSS 2046 (012021).

Drop down menu

An element on a Web page. A drop down menu displays options from which you can make a choice. You can select a choice by clicking on one of the options displayed in the drop down menu. Drop down menus are usually activated by clicking on a downward pointing arrow. In the example of a drop down menu below you could select either "Default", "Medici", "SRIS" or "Object only".

Example of a drop down menu


Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) is the computer language of the World Wide Web. HTML consists of elements that describe how a Web page is to be displayed in a Web browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer. HTML elements are more commonly called tags.

Radio button

A defined area on a Web page that can be clicked to select an option. The images below demonstrate radio buttons.

Unactivated radio button

The image above shows that neither of the two radio buttons have been selected. The image below indicates that "UniSAnet-1" has been selected.

Activated (selected) radio button


An HTML element. Tags start with "<" and end with ">". For example: <b>

Text box

An element on a Web page. Text boxes allow you type in information. The image below shows a text box that allows you to type a Name for an item:

Text box