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Business Partners contacts

Manager: Business Partnerships

Michelle Theeuf - Division of ITEE
Louise Seaman - UniSA Business School
Gill Norrington - Division of EASS
Amber Friebe - Division of Health Sciences
Liz Hutchinson - Units and Portfolios
Natalie Black - Units and Portfolios


Units and Portfolios

Liz Hutchinson - Manager: Business Partnerships
Natalie Black - Manager: Business Partnerships

Danielle Stater- Business Partner

Trish Wallace - Business Partner

Brook Rankine - Business Partner
Julie Symons - Human Resources Officer

Jane Burow - Human Resources Officer

Anne Petrie - Human Resources Administrator

Susanne Nicholls (nee Stump) - Human Resources Administrator


General email: HR@unisa.edu.au
Team contact: 8302 2220


UniSA Business School

Louise Seaman - Manager: Business Partnerships

Alison Harris - Business Partner

Carol McFadyen - Human Resources Administrator


General email: DIVBUEHRTeam@unisa.edu.au
Team contact: 8302 7130 


Division of Education, Arts and Social Sciences

Gill Norrington - Manager: Business Partnerships

Katrina Gillespie - Senior Business Partner

Kate Moore - Business Partner (currently on mat leave)

Marie Ginis - Human Resources Administrator


General email:  HRinEASS@unisa.edu.au 
Team contact: 8302 4200


Division of Health Sciences

Amber Friebe - Manager: Business Partnerships

Courtnay Fielder - Business Partner

Linda Bowen - Business Partner

Emma Clarke - Human Resources Administrator

Tracy Lambert  - Human Resources Administrator  (Mon, Wed and Thurs)


General email:  HRinhealth@unisa.edu.au
Team contact: 8302 1818


Division of Information Technology, Engineering and the Environment 

Michelle Theeuf - Senior Human Resources Manager

Kayla Tempest - Business Partner  (currently on mat leave)

Naveen Hedge - Business Partner

Shae Armstrong (nee O'Callaghan) - Business Partner
Kerryn Miller - Human Resources Officer

Emily Hardy (nee Wright)  - Human Resources Administrator


General email: HRinITEE@unisa.edu.au
Team contact: 8302 5800