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Equity contacts

Role of Equity Contacts

Equity contacts play a vital role in helping and provide a safe working and learning environment, free from discrimination and harassment, for staff and students at the University.

Their job is to be the first point of contact when you believe that you have experienced unlawful discrimination or harassment under the legislation. They will provide you with advice on how the complaint procedures work, help you look at a range of options to deal with the situation, provide support and, if needed, direct you to the relevant person who will take your complaint and begin the investigation process.

For further information please contact UniSA Employee Relations: EmployeeRelations@unisa.edu.au.

City East Campus

Amber Friebe - Manager: Business Partnerships
Courtnay Fielder - Human Resources Consultant

City West Campus

Louise Seaman - Manager: Business Partnerships
Alison Harris - Human Resources Consultant

Magill Campus

Anita Joslin - Manager: Business Partnerships
Kate Moore - Human Resources Consultant

Mawson Lakes Campus

Michelle Theeuf  - Senior Manager Business Partnerships
Kayla Tempest - Human Resources Consultant
Shae Armstrong - Human Resources Consultant
Diana Collett (Student Engagement Unit)

Whyalla and Mount Gambier Campuses

Contact Liz Hutchinson or Natalie Black or Jane Burow

101 Currie Street

Liz Hutchinson  - Manager: Business Partnerships
Natalie Black - Manager: Business Partnerships
Danielle Slater - Human Resources Consultant
Jane Burow - Human Resources Officer
Sarah Hughes - Senior Employee Relations Adviser
Jenny Hardy - Associate  Director: Wellbeing and Employee Benefits