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Equity contacts

Role of Equity Contacts

Equity contacts play a vital role in helping and provide a safe working and learning environment, free from discrimination and harassment, for staff and students at the University.

Their job is to be the first point of contact when you believe that you have experienced unlawful discrimination or harassment under the legislation. They will provide you with advice on how the complaint procedures work, help you look at a range of options to deal with the situation, provide support and, if needed, direct you to the relevant person who will take your complaint and begin the investigation process.

For further information please contact the HR Services on 21700.

City East Campus

Michelle Theeuf (Division Office: Health Sciences)
Amber Dohnal (Division Office: Health Sciences)
Liz Pridham (School of Health Sciences)
Sharron King (School of Health Sciences)
Mandy Stanley (School of Health Sciences)
Jo Willis (School of Health Sciences)
Tim Brooke-Smith (School of Health Sciences)
Susanne Becker (School of Nursing and Midwifery)
Jenny Hiscock (Pharmacy and Medical Sciences)

City West Campus

Sandra Ciaramella (Chancellery)
Anne Simpson (Chancellery)
Ling Ly (School of Management)
Jackie Knowles (SA School of Art)
Diana Collett (Learning Connection)

Magill Campus

Lindsay Sportmann (Division Office: Education Arts and Social Sciences) (currently on Maternity Leave)
Lynette Icimsoy (Division Office: Education Arts and Social Sciences)
Sophie Diamandi (School of Social Work and Social Policy)

Mawson Lakes Campus

Alison Loffler (Division Office: Information Technology, Engineering and the Environment)
Nadia Carapella (Division Office: Information Technology, Engineering and the Environment)
Kate Dyson-Smith (Information Strategy and Technology Services) (Monday & Tuesday)
Anne Petrie (Information Strategy and Technology Services)
Anna Assiotis (Information Strategy and Technology Services)
Neill Sanderson (SA Centre for Water Management and Reuse)


Janet Estepa (Spencer Gulf Rural Health School)

101 Currie Street

Vanessa Matthews (Student and Academic Services)
Charles Murdock (Student and Academic Services)
Sylvia Powell (Human Resources)
Justene Knight (Human Resources)
Rob Kerruish (Human Resources)
Michelle DePasquale (Human Resources)
Sonia Voivodich (Human Resources)
Liz Hutchinson  (Human Resources)
Helen Stevens (Human Resources)
Julie Symons (Facilities Management Unit)
Anita Collyer (Marketing and Development) (currently on maternity leave)

160 Currie Street

Louise Seaman (Division Office: Business)
Karen Neumann (Division Office: Business)
Julie McGuigan (Learning and Teaching Unit)



Mt Gambier