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Human Resources contacts

Director's Office

Ruth Blenkiron - Executive Director: Human Resources
Natalie Hamood - Deputy Director
Bernice McGrath - Senior Project Officer
Mich Fiorillo - Unit Executive Officer
Alison Plummer - Administrative Officer

Workplace Strategy

Mark Gladigau  - Associate Director: Workplace Strategy
Tina Armiento - Enterprise Bargaining Advisor

Employee Relations

Franco Parrella - Associate Director: Employee Relations
Katie Wright - Senior Consultant (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday)
Nadia Carapella  - Senior Consultant (Mon, Wed & Fri)
Sarah Hughes - Senior Consultant

Wellbeing & Employee  Benefits

Jenny Hardy - Associate Director: Wellness and Employee Benefits
Robyn Sferco - Senior Consultant
Ian Furness - University Radiation Safety Officer/Senior Consultant
Jim Townsend - Consultant Work Health and Safety
Pam Gomes - Worker's Compensation & Rehabilitation Case Manager
Sonia Hunter - Senior Consultant (Mon, Tue and Wed only)
Lindsay Sportmann - Consultant: Work Health and Safety
Betty O'Brien - Consultant: Payroll Services
Vanessa Detmar - Payroll Adviser / Salary Sacrifice (currently on maternity leave)
Angela Philbey - Payroll Adviser / Salary Sacrifice
Sylvia Weaving - Payroll Officer
Natalie Bukowski - Payroll Officer
Carolyn Hall - Payroll Officer
John Raftery - Superannuation Officer
ext 21667 - Administration Officer (Superannuation)

Sentha Rogawansamy - Work Health and Safety Consultant (Division of EASS)
Trevor Drew - Senior Work Health and Safety Consultant (Division of Health Sciences)

Jim Toshach - Senior Work Health and Safety Consultant (Division of ITEE)


People Development and Performance

Greg Giles - Associate Director: People Development & Performance
Justene Knight  - Senior Consultant
Deanne Hanchant-Nichols - Consultant (Indigenous Employment and Development)
Megan de Lacy - Consultant (Mon, Tues & Thurs)
Kirsty McAulay - Consultant
Siobhan Langan - Consultant
Tracey Inglis - Consultant (Mon to Thurs)
Sarah Hardy - Administrative Officer
Daniel Byrnes- Senior Consultant, Information Management
Mark Dawkins - Business Analyst: HR Systems
Vaneet Dhiman - Information Management Officer