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Recruitment Central contacts

Vacant - Manager: Recruitment & Workforce Planning
Robyn Kerruish - Manager: Recruitment Operations (Mon, Tue and Fri only)
Michelle DePasquale - Manager: Recruitment Operations (Wed, Thurs and Fri)
Trish Reaburn -  Senior Remuneration Consultant

Chloe McGrath - Senior Human Resources Consultant

Katrina Gillespie - Senior Human Resources Consultant
Miranda McDonald - Senior Recruitment Consultant

Carey Singlewood - Senior HR Consultant (Mon, Wed & Thurs)

Linda Burlison - Human Resources Consultant - Immigration
Jade Windsor - Human Resources Consultant

Alison Harris - Human Resources Consultant
Kerryn Pobjoy - Consultant Remuneration (Tues, Thur & Fri)
Linda Bowen  - Human Resources Officer (Mon, Tue, Thurs and alternate Fri)
Laura Hooper - Coordinator: Recruitment Projects

Sarah Hart - Human Resources Officer

Sarah Doyle - Human Resources Officer (currently on maternity leave)
Daniel De Fazio - Human Resources Administrator (Mon, Tue & Fri)

Julie Moyle - Human Resources Administrator

Belinda Angus - Human Resources Administrator

Lisa Whiley-Smith - Human Resources Administrator

Amber Victoire - Human Resources Administrator