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End of employment

There are many ways to end employment with the University of South Australia. The principles and conditions vary so staff and managers should refer to the section on 'Termination of Employment' in the applicable industrial instrument for more information. The guidelines and procedures below may provide clarification or additional information.

Any queries regarding termination should be directed to the local Human Resources representative.

Types of Termination include:

Resignation and retirement

Employees of the University intending to separate must provide notice of separation in accordance with the applicable industrial instrument.

The End of Employment checklist (word 47kb) and the End of employment online form (formerly 004) should be completed when an employee is terminating.

For additional information please refer to below quick guides:

Voluntary and Compulsory Redundancy

Entitlements vary and are contained the applicable industrial instrument. Generally, redundancy occurs through the managing change process and redeployment will proceed compulsory redundancy. These processes are detailed in the applicable industrial instrument.

Staff effected by a managing change process or possible redundancy may request a voluntary redundancy estimate through their local Human Resources representive.


In the unfortunate event of death of a staff member the staff member's Manager, local Human Resources representative and/or the Human Resources Unit (Payroll Services) must be informed as soon as possible by a colleague, family member or associate.

Information from the staff member's estate may be required to process a final payment. Staff or manager's who are informed of a staff member's death should contact their local Human Resources representative immediately.

Other Employer Initiated Terminations

These include, but are not limited to, termination through disciplinary action, termination on the grounds of ill health, and failure to attend for duties. The Human Resources Unit is currently responsible for the administration of terminations of this nature. Details of the principles of these processes are contained in the applicable industrial instrument.

Managers who believe they need to undertake one of these process should contact the Human Resources Unit (HR Business Partners or Workplace Relations) immediately.

Administration of Termination Types (word 91kb)

The attached document may provide Managers, Human Resource representatives and staff with more information on the administration of the above processes.