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The University provides a range of benefits and mechanisms to encourage the attraction and retention of staff. This includes a range of financial and non-financial rewards offered as conditions of employment within the University. These are set out in the Remuneration and Reward Policy.

The relevant industrial instrument outlines the salary levels for academic and professional, security, grounds and document services staff classifications.

Non-standard remuneration, i.e. remuneration outside the relevant industrial instrument such as market attraction/retention allowances, performance-based remuneration and payments arising out of the Activities Policy  must have appropriate authorisation through the Vice Chancellor's Delegations of Authority.

Senior Management remuneration is managed in accordance with the Senior Staff Remuneration Framework and Guidelines and these managers fall under the remit of the Senior Remuneration Committee. For further information contract the Manager, Remuneration in the HR Unit.

Further information on allowances and other remuneration issues can be obtained through the HR Professional in your local area or the central HR Unit.