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Payroll deductions

Staff payroll benefits provided by the Remuneration team - Payroll


The superannuation staff can assist with your general superannuation enquires such as:

Options that are available include:

Salary sacrificing

The Salary Sacrificing Officer can assist you of the benefits that the University offers for salary sacrificing. Services include:

More information on the above can be found at the following web address: http://www.unisa.edu.au/hrm/employment/remuneration/sacrifice/default.asp


The payroll specialists will assist with your payroll enquiry, including:

Payroll deductions are available to continuing and fixed term contract staff. Such payroll deductions can be arranged to a number of institutions including:

Health Institutions-

Staff Organisations-


Please note: You may cancel or vary any of the specified deductions by giving two weeks notice in writing. With respect to certain deductions, such as union etc, you will also need to give the appropriate notice to the institutions in accordance with any applicable membership rules.