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Salary sacrifice

Staff members appointed under a University of South Australia industrial instrument are eligible to salary sacrifice. The Salary Sacrifice Guidelines & Conditions should be read in conjunction with the Remuneration and Reward Policy (Policy No HR-28.1) and associated guidelines as well as the applicable industrial instrument of the University (as amended or replaced).

Salary sacrifice is offered at no additional cost to the employer, any costs associated with providing salary sacrifice will be charged to the staff members.

The scheme includes:

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Industrial Instrument - refers to the applicable Collective/Enterprise Agreement, Award, Australian Workplace Agreement, contract of employment or legislation.


The University of South Australia, its staff members or agents are not engaged in rendering advice and any information received should be confirmed with independent sources i.e. Accountant or Financial Adviser. Any cost incurred in obtaining financial advice is the responsibility of the staff member.

The University of South Australia accepts no liability should the staff member fail to seek financial advice or for financial and taxation advice received by the staff member. A directory of financial planners is available from the Financial Planning Association at http://www.fpa.asn.au/