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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Staff

This page contains information about the University's commitment to staff from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and information about the ways in which the University supports Indigenous staff via the Indigenous employment strategy.

Information for Staff

Indigenous Staff Scholarships - Department of Education, Employment, and Workplace Relations (DEEWR)
The Indigenous Staff Scholarship Program was established for Indigenous staff (academic or general) who have actively encouraged Indigenous students to participate in higher education and complete their courses. The scholarships enable staff to take one year of leave from their university employment to undertake full-time higher education study in their chosen academic or professional area. This will recognise their commitment to assisting students in higher education and enhance their own academic/professional standing

Gavin Wanganeen Scholarship (UniSA)
The Gavin Wanganeen Indigenous Scholarship was created to support financially or educationally disadvantaged Indigenous Australians enrolled in a UniSA degree who have a strong will to succeed and are active in their community. In fact, it is specifically designed to support and encourage students who are already on the path to becoming role models or leaders in the community. To date we have raised over $120,000 through the generosity of our donors, however we need your help to continue to raise funds so the scholarship can be offered indefinitely.

Aboriginal Employment Initiatives (AEI) Department of Further Education, Employment, Science and Technology (DFEEST)
The AEI is a component of the State Public Sector Aboriginal Recruitment and Career Development Strategy and is gazetted as an Equal Employment Opportunity Program under Section 67 of the Public Sector Management Act, 1995.
The aim of the Register is to increase the representation of Aboriginal people employed at all levels within the State Public Sector.
AEI provides a variety of employment and skills development opportunities to assist in achieving career goals in both State Public Sector and the Private Sector for Aboriginal People. The AEI offers specific training to enhance employee skills for current and future positions. The AEI offers the register to all employers within the state to utilise when targeting Aboriginal people for positions.