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Cycling for Culture

UniSA Graduate Trevor Richie participates

As a demonstration of our commitment to reconciliation, UniSA are sponsoring a team in Cycling for Culture.

Cycling for Culture is a cycling event which seeks to raise awareness of and celebrate Kaurna culture. Run by the Building Cultural Bridges organisation, the three-day ride will be held from October 18 – 20 along a route entirely within Kaurna country, through the metropolitan area, Fleurieu Peninsula and Mount Lofty Ranges.

As part of UniSA’s sponsorship, six students and staff will ride in the event including Treena Clark, the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience program manager, and Jayson Hay, UniSA Visual Arts student.

Community engagement is an important part of reconciliation, which is why the University is proud to sponsor Cycling for Culture. For further details of the event go to http://www.cyclingforculture.com.au/ or https://www.facebook.com/CyclingForCulture

Pictured above: SA's first Aboriginal Occupational Therapy graduate and Kaurna man, Trevor Richie riding up Parawa Hill on the way to Mount Hayfield, the birth place of Tjilbuke on the Southern Fleurieu Peninsula, a location to be visited by the Cycling for Culture event