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These guidelines support the University's commitment to maximise its appeal as a preferred institution and employer of choice. The guidelines provide direction for utilising relocation management services.


The University, subject to conditions and approval, may engage a relocation management consultant for the transfer of newly appointed staff from interstate and overseas locations.

The guidelines apply to senior academic and professional staff members employed in fixed term or continuing positions.


  1. Relocation management services may be utilised when geographic transfer of senior staff and their families is required.

  2. The offer of a relocation management service is subject to the approval of the Vice Chancellor or the relevant Pro Vice Chancellor/Executive Director and forms part of the incumbent's letter of offer.

  3. Prospective staff will not be eligible for relocation assistance if another member of their household is also in receipt of relocation expenses.

  4. The Cost Centre Manager will determine the maximum amount to be spent and the payment of relocation management services will be funded by the local cost centre.

  5. If the staff member resigns within a twelve (12) month period of commencing with the University, the staff member will be required to reimburse all costs incurred with the relocation management service. If the staff member resigns within the 1-2 year period, 50% of the total amount will need to be reimbursed. The University will not seek reimbursement after 2 years.

  6. The University will not take responsibility for relocation costs incurred by staff in excess of the agreed amounts.

  7. The University will contact the identified supplier of relocation management services to initiate contact with the new staff member.

  8. The identified supplier will invoice the University directly for actual expenditure up to the agreed amount.

  9. Relocation expenses not exempt from fringe benefits tax (FBT) as per the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) FBT guidelines may attract a FBT liability which will be charged to the cost centre.

  10.  There are not preferred suppliers identified at present. Please contact People, Talent and Culture if you require assistance.



Responsibility for the application of these guidelines rests with the Vice Chancellor, Pro Vice Chancellors, Executive Directors, Cost Centre Managers and Directors.

People, Talent and Culture Unit will provide an annual report on trends for the usage of relocation management services to the Pro Vice Chancellor: Organisational Strategy and Change.



Management and staff may seek further advice regarding Relocation Management Services from: