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Food and restaurants

South Australia offers a diverse range of high quality food products. The availability and affordability of fresh and processed foods means that you can buy the ingredients to prepare your own food at home. On the other hand you can choose to eat at one of the many restaurants in Adelaide. You can select from a range of cooking styles, price ranges and locations. You may want to have a coffee at a café, eat at a fast food outlet, enjoy a meal at a hotel (called a pub meal) or sit down to a formal meal at a restaurant.

Cooking at home

Australia's productive agricultural industry guarantees a large quantity of fresh, delicious food. Adelaide's fresh food prices are often cheaper than those of other states in Australia. Most markets, shops and supermarkets offer a variety of international products and you are sure to find that special ingredient that will help you cook meals like you do at home. 

Halal products

A list of halal food suppliers, restaurants and eateries in the Adelaide metropolitan area can be found in Study Adelaide's Muslim students' guide to Adelaide (PDF 800kb - opens in a new window. Download Adobe Acrobat).

For further information contact the:

Halal Helpline, Tel. 1300 307 337.

Central Market

Adelaide's Central Market is conveniently located in the centre of the city, on Grote Street. Here, you can find an international selection of fresh foods, fruit and vegetables, meat and poultry, seafood, bread and cakes.

Eating out

You may want to eat at restaurants while you are living in Adelaide. You will not be disappointed because Adelaide has one of the best ranges of restaurants in Australia.  Many parts of the world have food vendors stalls or carts on the street from dawn to past dusk. This is not a feature in Australia although there are a few 24 hour fast food outlets. Food halls are located in some inner-city shopping centres and some food stalls are found in markets. However, their opening hours are limited to the opening hours of the shopping centre or market.

As well as a wide range of food styles, there are also restaurants catering for all budgets. You are certain to find something to your taste and in your price range.

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