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Returning to your home country

This following information is designed to help you prepare to return to your home country once your period of study is completed.

Returning home information

Preparing to return to your country of origin after an extended period in Australia may cause you anxiety . You may feel:

Staff at Learning and Teaching Unit understand these concerns with regard to finalising academic requirements, packing your belongings and the emotional issues of saying goodbye and preparing for your future.

The Returning home checklist (Word 81kb - opens in a new window) and Going home web page will assist you with your preparations to return home but if you have any other difficulties with your preparations, please contact the Learning and Teaching Unit on your home campus.

You may wish to visit the University's Alumni network website and the UniSA merchandise website for details on how you can purchase UniSA corporate merchandise.

You may also find the following links to various baggage transporters useful. They provide helpful advice on shipping your excess baggage back to your home country:


Now you are home

After you have returned home you may experience unsettling feelings about your homecoming. Staff at the Learning and Teaching Unit realise that this may be a critical time for you transitioning back to life in your home country.

There are various ways to maintain your links with the University:

Attend the Vice-Chancellor's reception later in the year in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong, which will coincide with the Presentation of Awards Ceremonies. The reception is usually hosted by the University's Vice-Chancellor and President, and organised by the Alumni Association. 


Reflecting on your international experience

Staff from the Learning and Teaching Unit congratulate you on achieving your academic goal. We hope that you have been successful in settling back into your home community and that you have found employment which complements the studies and the achievements you made during your time of study at the University of South Australia.

When you first arrived to study in South Australia you may have wondered whether you would fit into the Australian culture. Everything appeared different from what you expected, and your home country may have seemed very far away. However, as time passed, and you began your studies you probably became familiar with the Australian way of life, made new friends, and moved comfortably about the University and wider community.

Some international graduates have told us that they changed quite a lot during their time away from home. Has this happened to you and if it has, have you allowed yourself enough time to readjust and resettle in your home country?

International graduates have told of changes in the following areas of their lives:

As a graduate you may have already faced many challenges such as re-adjustment to your home country, returning to your employment or seeking new employment, or just realising that you may think and act differently. If this is so the following may be useful in coming to terms with your new independence:

Now you are at home, take time to reflect on your overall international experience. It has been an opportunity for growth and perhaps it has made a difference to you and your understanding of yourself and others. You have proven that you have the strength and independence to overcome challenges. Feel pride in having achieved your goal and take time to reflect on your overall international experience.

Learning and Teaching Unit staff value your contribution, both personally and culturally, to our University and to the South Australian community.

We wish you all the best for the future and are interested in hearing from you about career moves and other significant events in your life.

Good luck!

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