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Cultural organisations

During your stay in Adelaide you may wish to contact cultural organisations, groups or societies for recreation, celebration of national days, welfare advice or support. 

The following information may be useful:


Multicultural Communities Council of SA Inc (MCC SA)

113 Gilbert Street, Adelaide, SA. 5000
ph: 8345 5266
email: mccsa@mccsa.org.au

The MCC SA reflects, represents and advocates on behalf of our culturally and linguistically diverse communities for the achievement of a peaceful, harmonious and prosperous multicultural South Australia.

Established in 1995 as a result of the merger of the former Ethnic Communities Council (ECC) and United Ethnic Communities (UEC), the MCC has a membership of over 200 organisations and individuals. It continues to grow as new applications for membership are received and assessed regularly.


South Australian Multicultural and Ethnic Affairs Commission (SAMEAC)

Level 6, Chesser House, 91-97 Grenfell Street, Adelaide SA 5000
ph: 8226 1944
email: multicultural@sa.gov.au

The role of SAMEAC is to 


Migrant Resource Centre of SA Inc (MRC)

59 King William Street, Adelaide SA 5000
ph: 8217 9500
email: admin@mrcsa.com.au

The MRC provides a range of settlement services for migrants and refugees through its central office and by appointment at the Salisbury office, including: 


Interpreting and Translating Centre (ITC)

Level 4, 44 Pirie Street, Adelaide SA 5000
ph: 1800 280 303

email: itc@sa.gov.au

The ITC was established in 1975 and provides interpreting and translating services to public and private sector agencies and to individuals in over 80 languages, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

The ITC is the only interpreting and translating service provider in South Australia and one of only two in Australia to have achieved Quality Assurance Certification in the provision of interpreting and translating.


Secular support

Muslim Women's Association of SA Inc.

182 Victoria Square
Adelaide SA 5000
ph: 08 8212 0800


United Afghan Association of SA (Sunni and Shia welcome)

23 Coglin Street
Adelaide 5000
Contact: Hassan Varasi
ph: 0438371208



Organisations Telephone number
Adelaide Lithuanian Society Inc 8362 1074
Australia-Brunei Darussalam Business Council 8221 5722
Australia-China Friendship Society 8272 9763
Bulgarian Educational & Friendly Soc. Inc. 8356 3254
Cambodian Australian Association Inc. 8281 9811
Chinese Association of SA 8297 0098
Chinese Language & Cultural Advice 8352 6128
Chinese Welfare Services of SA 8212 2988
Croatian Community Council SA 8346 4099
Dom Polski (Polish) Centre 8223 3884
Dutch Community (utch Social & Welfare Club) Inc. 8281 1441
Ethnic Schools Assoc. of SA Inc. 8301 4814
German Association Inc. 8223 2539
Greek Orthodox Community of SA Inc. 8231 4307
Indian Australian Association of SA Inc. 8367 6613
Irish Australian Association Inc. 8212 3767
Italian Centre 8223 2417
Jewish Community Services Inc. 8363 5400
Laos Association of SA Inc. 8284 2885
Latvians in South Australia website  
Macedonian Community of Adelaide 8347 1401
Malaysian Students Association (My SA)  
Overseas Chinese Association 8445 7355
Royal Caledonian Society of SA Inc. 0419 814 360
Ukrainian Community 8340 2434
Vietnamese Community in SA 8447 8821
United Vietnamese Buddhist Congregation of SA 8447 8477


Places of worship and religious organisations

This list has been compiled by the Learning and Teaching Unit, last updated, September 2012.

For a full listing of churches and places of worship please visit www.yellowpages.com.au

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