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International student support information for staff

International Student Officers (ISO) are available on each metropolitan campus. ISOs work with students to address a range of issues and can assist with:

You may wish to refer an international student to meet with an ISO. Before a student appointment, students are advised to prepare for their appointment

  1. Read the online resources available for international students on this website
  2. Bring any relevant information or supporting documentation such as letters and visa documents
  3. Bring their UniSA student ID card.

What ISOs do ... 

What ISOs don't do ...

International Student Officer Appointments

You can refer an international student to an International Student Officer through an e-referral. This will enable us to book a 15 minute appointment for the student and ensure follow-up with you. Alternatively, you may phone the Learning and Teaching Unit on your campus to book an International Student Officer appointment in advance. When booking an appointment you will need to provide the student name and student ID number.

Please note that during busy periods of the year appointments with LTU staff are filled quickly. In order for us to meet your needs, please ensure that your referrals are made ahead of time. Appointments can be scheduled up to two weeks in advance. Urgent personal issues which require a counsellor will be dealt with immediately.

If you have a quick query you can email the Learning and Teaching Unit at: LTU-ISO@unisa.edu.au

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