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HPSD Handy Hints

Update All

Use the “Update All” function to update a series of service calls including setting the status of multiple service calls to ‘Resolved’. Select the service calls of interest right click on the mouse, and select ‘update all’. This option is also available via the Tools menu. A table appears with all the options available to the service call record. Double click on Status, click on the drop down menu and select ‘closed’. Click on OK, Ok again, and the records will be updated. A warning message will pop up if the update fails for any reason. Be aware that if the service calls are linked to a System Incident the SI must be closed first.

Caller Message Field

This is an excellent way of communicating with the caller. When you input a message into the Caller Message field (it is under the Close tab in the Service Call), the text in this field is automatically included on the next email sent to the caller (e.g. when the status is changed to resolved). The sent message is recorded in the history field, and the field cleared once the message has been sent.

Refresh Using F5

F5 is your friend! This refreshes the service desk application by applying all updated information for your session. For instance, press the F5 button if you have entered a new service call but it has not yet shown up on your display screen.

Clear the Cache

If something odd is happening, it can often be fixed by clearing your local cache. Select:
Tools>>Options>>Advanced>>Purge Cache Now

Can’t Find the Person Record

A search for a person record does not return that record. Check that the organisation field is empty. If the org field is populated with a code then searches of the person records only return individuals within that organisation. If the person of interest is not in that organisation, no record will be returned.

Can’t See the field I need in the Advanced Find window

Field lists change automatically when you change what you're looking for ie. If you are looking for a Workgroup record you will only see fields relating to "Workgroups".  Ensure you are looking for the right thing.  Another reason your fields may not look correct is you could be searching in "Service Today".  Service Today only provides access to a reduced number of fields, so if you are looking something and it's not there, try selecting the Service Call icon from the left hand window. 

Where can I find a manual for HPSD?

There is an HPSD guide available for users of the service desk system