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Printing, scanning and photocopying

Printing, scanning and copying facilities and how to use them

Students have access to a range of printing, scanning and photocopying services on campus which can be accessed via their Printing Allowance which provides the following facilities:

In non-Library computer pools and barns

In UniSA campus libraries - Print/Tap/Collect using your ID card:

Printing allowance

The Printing allowance provides you with an initial amount of University-funded printing or photocopying. Your allowance is associated with your computer network account and the cost of your printing is automatically deducted from your allowance as you print. You can, if you wish, purchase additional printing, increasing the balance of your printing allowance. You will be unable to print or photocopy if your balance is too low.

To check your balance logon to the student portal at myUniSA where your current balances are displayed on your my Resources page with more detailed information shown on my Printer.

The Print allowance is for the current year finishing in mid to late December. Note that Study Period 7 continues into the following year so its associated printing allowance amounts are re-applied in early January.

Your Printing allowance provides access to

More detailed information is available at UniSA student printing allowance.

Page charges

The following page charges (per printed side) apply for standard printing and photocopying. 

Monochrome or colour Paper size Single or double sided printing Cents per printed side
Monochrome A4 Single sided 10
Double sided 9
A3 Single sided 20
Double sided 18
Colour A4 Single sided 39
Double sided 36
A3 Single sided 78
Double sided 72

Note that

Tips to reduce your printing costs

  1. Only print colour when you need to.
  2. Print double-sided.
  3. Print PowerPoint slides 3 or 6 slides to a page, black and white only with no backgrounds to speed up printing and save your printing allowance.
  4. Don't print draft copies of your document for every minor revision.
  5. Before printing check print preview to find out how many pages will be printed.
  6. Only print the pages you need.
  7. If your print job does not print don't re-send it without first checking the print queue from your PC
    • There may be many other jobs ahead of yours or the printer may have run out of paper
    • If you keep re-sending your document multiple copies will be printed later and deducted from your Printing balance
    • You can delete your own print jobs from the queue to prevent this.
  8. If you can not wait for your print job to appear delete it from the print queue before you log off to avoid it being printed and deducted from your printing allowance.
  9. Protect your access to your IT facilities (including your printing allowances) by:
    • remembering to log off when you have finished using a computer
    • locking your session with the security screen saver if you have to leave the computer, even temporarily
    • protecting your password.