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How do I install my Optus Broadband USB Device?

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Once you have received your Optus SIM card and your HUAWEI Mobile USB Device you are ready to configure your connection. 

Huawei USB Device
Yes Optus SIM Card

Ensure the SIM Card is loaded correctly into the USB Device before continuing.

Installing the USB Device automatically

The USB device features an auto-install option so when you insert the USB Device into the computer it should automatically load the software & drivers for the device. It may take several minutes to detect the device and install the software - as the installation is "silent" you will not see any prompts until the software installation is complete.

If you experience issues with the auto installation (which may occur on older XP machines and those running Vista) then you can install the required software and drivers from the CD provided with your USB Device. 

Installing the USB Device manually from the CD

If the auto-installation does not load correctly then you can install the USB device manually.  To do this open the CD provided with your USB device in Windows Explorer. 

In the Windows\Install package folder double click setup.exe. Follow the prompts to install the software and drivers. 

Once you have completed the installation your should see the Optus Wireless icon on your desktop.

Optus Wireless Shortcut

To run the application insert the USB device into the USB port on your computer and double click the Optus Wireless Broadband shortcut to run the application.  Once the application is open, simply click Connect to be connected to internet.

NOTE: You should always ensure that the device is working prior to travelling. 

To purchase a data plan and an activated Optus Broadband USB device please refer to How do I purchase an Optus Data Plan?

More information on the UniSA Data Plan can be found at  UniSA 3G Mobile Broadband Data Plan (UniSA staff only).