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How can I use my iPhone as a modem (tethering)?

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Tethering is the term used to describe using your iPhone's internet connection (3G or WiFi) to connect your laptop or desktop to the internet. If you have upgraded to firmware version 3.0 you will be able to use your iPhone as a modem. This function is the same as having a wireless broadband dongle.  This information refers only to use within Australia.

Important things you should know before requesting internet tethering:-

  1. Some mobile phone carriers charge a once off or monthly fee for offering this service.
  2. Once your desktop or laptop is connected to the internet via your tethered iPhone you are utilising your iPhone's data plan and any internet traffic will be charged against that plan.

If you are on the University corporate phone plan and have a data plan enabled on your phone, tethering will be available with no additional cost.  The data used during tethering will come off your existing plan data allowance.  More detailed information about the University Corporate plan can be found at the Data Plan FAQ page.

If you experience any issues please contact the IT Help Desk.

Information on upgrading to the latest firmware can be found here

To tether your desktop or laptop to your iPhone you need to follow these instructions.

1.   Contact your mobile phone carrier and ask them to enable internet tethering on your mobile phone service. For UniSA owned mobile phones on the University's Optus mobile account, please email the IT Help Desk.

2.   Once you have been advised that tethering has been enabled on your iPhone, click on the Settings icon. iPhone tethering image 1
3.   Click on the General icon. iPhone tethering image 2
4.   Click on the Network icon. iPhone tethering image 3
5.   Click on the Internet Tethering icon. iPhone tethering image 4
6.   Turn Internet Tethering on. iPhone tethering image 5
  iPhone tethering image 6
7.   Click on the Network icon to go back one screen and you will see that Internet Tethering is now on. iPhone tethering image 7
8.   Connect your iPhone to your desktop/laptop using the standard iPhone cable and after a short time you will see the following display at the top of your iPhone screen. If necessary follow any prompts that appear on the screen to configure a new network connection Mac and Windows computers automatically detect and enable the tethering connection iPhone tethering image 8