Computing Requirements

In general, any desktop or laptop computer purchased in the past three years should be capable of meeting most of your learning needs at UniSA.  While mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones will enable access to most of your online course content, communication, learning experiences, there are likely to be elements of most courses where the capability of mobile devices alone is insufficient.

A computer suitable for most courses will be able to:

There are also many ways to access UniSA computers on campus, including computer labs, the library and other general access areas. These facilities are available to students both during teaching hours and after hours. Instructions for locating these facilities can be found here.

Additionally Local Government and State libraries also provide access to computers.

You should visit the software library for access to software to assist you with your studies, including course-specific software.

UniSA courses increasingly require reliable broadband internet connectivity, with upload and download capacity. At UniSA campuses and learning centres, this connectivity is available through wireless connection (for portable devices) and through shared computing facilities in libraries and computer labs. Students can also access the wireless connection eduroam at many institutions worldwide.

If you have a broadband plan with your ISP, your internet connection should provide sufficient speed to download required study materials and to engage in online learning activities associated with your course. If you rely on your 3G or 4G mobile phone technology to access the internet and UniSA learning resources then the speed at which you can do so may vary widely depending on your location and in the worst cases, may constrain your ability to engage with the learning activities.

Some specific activities, such as uploading and/or downloading of large files, may be more efficiently conducted on campus or learning centre. This is particularly the case for media-rich files, such as videos to/from YouTube and UniSA’s learnonline.

In addition, some specialist resources, such as Library resources under copyright licensing, require students to access these from a UniSA IP address available when connecting to the UniSA on campus network.

Note: Some workplace and public facilities may have restrictions that limit internet access or functionality (such as installing software).

 Risks of Running Outdated Operating Systems

 There are many risks to running outdated operating systems, some of which are: