UniSA Student App Features Timeline

Last updated: 8 Aug 2017

Features under development

This article provides a proposed insight into our roadmap for the UniSA Student App. It identifies some of the significant features we are working on, and gives a rough timeframe for when you can expect to see them. These features and dates are the current plans at this time and are subject to change. Most of these features have originated from feedback provided in-app or via the UniSA Suggestion Box. If you have any feedback to provide, please do not hesitate to provide it.

Planned Date Feature
2018 Q2 Incorporate campus maps into the app rather than spawning a web browser
2018 Q2 Optimise the layout of menu items
2018 Q2 Investigate grouping assessments by course instead of due date
2018 Q3 Adjust time-dependant items so they only appear when required/important (i.e. O-week)
2018 Q3 Make booking a room simpler by showing how many rooms are available and on what floor
2018 Q4 Flag assignments as completed once submitted
2018 Q4 Add biometric sign-on
2019 Q1 Add the ability to mark announcements and notifications as "read"
2019 Q1 Add "Ask the Library" chat feature
2019 Q2 Add event-based push notifications, such as upcoming assessments, grades released etc.
2019 Q2 Ability to opt out of specific types of push notifications
2019 Q3 Investigate removing the additional sign in required for accessing Email
2019 Q3 Better integration with your Office 365 calendar, allowing you to add classes and assessment due dates
2019 Q4 Allow home screen customisation, the ability to turn information on or off depending on preferences
2019 Q4 Remove the need to log in again when accessing learnonline (Moodle) from the App
2020 Add the ability to find a printer
2020 Add the ability to view recorded lectures directly on your device
2020 Expand the barcode to be a digital version of a Student Id Card
2020 Provide information for student clubs, and the ability for the app to notify students of upcoming events etc.
2020 Add an "offline" mode for the app
2020 Add the ability to respond quickly to myCourseExperience surveys

Current releases

This list shows the significant features delivered to the Student App for each version, and is provided in the form of release notes for the app.

Release Feature
3.1.1 Fixed app crashing on start after update to v3.1.0
3.1.0 Customised app for UniSA Online students
Improved performance while loading timetable information
Added "useful links" for Graduation information and UniSA+
3.0.8 Fixed issues with timetable information
3.0.7 (Android) Fixed issue selecting courses from the home screen
3.0.6 Resolved login issue for some students
Resolved issue where incomplete timetable list shown
Resolved issue with multiple people using the same device (phone)
Changed the daily timetable view to be weekly
Add some extra class information for timetable items, such as course name and the day of the week
3.0.5 Initial public release