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More information for schools TAFE College's and Adult College's

The University welcomes the opportunity to work with Schools, TAFE and other College's and Campuses, Career counsellors and Aboriginal education workers. In fact this so important, the University has identified a team of people in the UniSA marketing area just to provide information, ask questions; and organise school visits, events, expos, campus tours and information sessions.

This team is called the University of South Australia's Domestic student recruitment (DSR) team and is responsible for the university's outreach activities and Customer relationship management system; student recruitment events (including Open day), and the UniSA Subject bonus points and USANET Bonus points program. In addition, an integral part of the team is Future student enquiries, which responds to in excess of 20,000 enquiries annually.

If you have any questions about how UniSA can be involved in your organisation, please contact any of the staff members below:

A closer look - Student liaison

The Student liaison officers are the first point of contact for Secondary school career counsellors, keeping them up-to-date with the latest on programs and publications through meetings, newsletters and emails throughout the year.

The Student liaison officers provide the following services to schools:

The Student liaison O\officers also represent UniSA in the SATAC rural tours which are aimed at encouraging students living in rural and remote areas to consider tertiary study. These 2-5 day trips are conducted with representatives from Adelaide and Flinders universities, and are a chance for the team to directly communicate with prospective students. Almost all of rural SA is covered, as well as Darwin, Alice Springs, Broken Hill and some country areas of Victoria.

Every year, the Officers host a Career counsellor information session where counsellors are invited to the University to hear about new programs, receive updates and discuss issues with academics.

School visits

Part of the Student liaison team's role is to visit schools to promote UniSA programs and courses. The team aims to help schools be as informed as possible by providing the latest information on programs, courses and other offerings.

Important items taken on each visit include:

Further information

Further information is available by contacting the Student liaison team :

Ryan Bailey: Student Liaison Coordinator
Kolynda Maguire: Student Liaison Officer
Lana Pearce: Student Liaison Officer
Tahnee Blight: Student Liaison Officer

Pathways and access programs

UniSA has a number of Pathways and access programs which demonstrate our commitment towards access and equity. These programs target prospective students from the following groups:

Further information

TAFE applicants
Foundation studies applicants
Adult entry applicants

Please contact Marketing coordinator (Pathways & access programs) Judy Sykes, should you require any further information.

Future student enquiries

The Future Student Enquiries team provide admissions and program advice to prospective students who enquire via phone, email and online channels. Some of the key areas we provide advice include: UniSA programs, scholarships, accommodation, fees, entry pathways, bonus points, and credit.

Responsibilities of the team include :

The Future student website is located at http://www.unisa.edu.au/future/default.asp

Indigenous student services

UniSA's Indigenous student services has an Academic advisor on each campus who can talk to you about how the University can provide more information about programs and courses, about upcoming events or about organising visits and other activities. The ISS team works closely with the University marketing and development unit and is involved in student recruitment activities across the year.

Further information:

For more information contact an Academic advisor