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Professional Staff

UniSA Professional Staff MemebersFollowing an extensive review of the division administrative support services and processes, changes to organisational arrangements and structure for professional teams across all work areas have been implemented. 

For schools and stand-alone research concentrations, the changes:

  • focus service arrangements on the core business of supporting teaching and learning, and research;
  • ensure that research administration is integrated as part of the fabric of School administration teams;  and
  • provide clarity around job titles and roles with a standard suite of position descriptions for key positions across schools and research concentrations.

Within Division Services the changes consolidate services for the Division as a whole in a range of areas including academic services, business development, finance, human resources, IT support, marketing and international, and travel management.  The new arrangements provide key leadership roles and specialised teams well equipped to manage and respond to the changing demands and opportunities in the higher education environment.

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