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Professor Andrew Parfitt


The global economy has created high demand for skilled, innovative and experienced professionals who can use the latest technologies effectively and intelligently to create sustainable solutions for business, industry and the community.

The Division of Information Technology, Engineering and the Environment offers educational and research programs within Australia and internationally to educate and develop professionals in a range of discipline areas:

  • information and communications technologies, engineering and systems

  • manufacturing and energy technologies, engineering and management

  • sciences, technologies, engineering and management of natural and built environments

  • mathematical modelling and statistics

The University and its antecedent institutions, including the South Australian Institute of Technology (SAIT), has more than a century of achievement in science, technology and engineering and environment education and research.

The Division's schools and research centres have a proven ability in developing educational programs, courses and research in collaboration with industry both locally and internationally and in response to market demand.

The Division produces graduates with contemporary knowledge skills and qualities, and the ability to apply their knowledge readily to the workplace. Our degree programs are accredited by professional bodies within Australia and internationally.

The Division conducts postgraduate research training and fundamental applied research at the leading edge of selected specialised discipline areas.

Professor Andrew Parfitt 
Pro Vice Chancellor
Division of Information Technology, Engineering and the Environment