Bachelor of Aviation
Program overview
The University of South Australia continues
to be the only university in South Australia
to offer aviation as a tertiary qualification. It
is one of only two Australian universities
to operate its own flying academy. With
a fleet of 10 modern aircraft, including
three recently acquired C172SPs, you are
able to get hands-on experience in real-
life situations such as shark patrols.
Being a professional pilot is more than the
relatively simple act of physically flying an
aeroplane. A professional pilot requires an in-
depth knowledge of many diverse elements
including aerodynamics, aircraft power
plants and systems, meteorology, navigation,
flight planning, computer controlled flight
management systems, flight operation
technology and crew resource management.
The Bachelor of Aviation provides you with
the knowledge and skills you will need to
become a professional pilot.  The program
also provides pathways for those who
aspire to a career in aviation other than
flying, such as air operations dispatch, air
traffic control and aviation management.
Important information
This program exceeds the knowledge
requirements of the Australian Civil
Aviation Safety Authority for the issue of a
commerical or air transport pilot license. For
students wishing to obtain a commercial
pilot's licence please visit casa.gov.au
to learn more about the medical
requirements and conditions that may apply.
What will I study?
The program provides you with a sound
theoretical and practical knowledge
of the fundamentals of aerodynamics,
aircraft systems, meteorology,
navigation, flight planning, aircraft
performance and computer-controlled
aircraft management systems.
As part of your studies you will undertake
visits to the Bureau of Meteorology,
Air Traffic Control and other aviation
facilities. These visits provide you
with an opportunity to gain a better
understanding and knowledge of the
industry in which you will work.
What does it take?
To succeed in aviation you need to be
highly motivated and willing to develop a
professional attitude and approach to your
work. In addition, you will have a sound level
of responsibility, be able to plan ahead, have
the capacity to think clearly and logically
and have good hand/eye coordination.
Who will employ me?
This program aims to provide you with the
skills, knowledge and experience suitable
for a professional and flexible career in the
aviation industry. Upon graduation of the
program those who complete the flying
training can go on to flight instructor training
or become a charter pilot while accumulating
the experience necessary for airline entry.
Non-flying graduates can pursue an
aviation career in flight operations, airline
administration, aviation management
or air traffic control. Graduates of the
Bachelor of Aviation have been successfully
employed by organisations such as QANTAS,
Cathay Pacific, Malaysian Airlines, British
Airways, Singapore Airlines, National
Jet, Alliance, and Virgin Blue Airlines.
The aviation industry`s demand for graduates
will continue to increase; according to
Boeing's market outlook for 2010 - 2029,
the world’s airlines will need an additional
trained pilots and 596,500
maintenance personnel. A significant
portion of these new hires will be needed
to replace pilots and technicians who will
leave the workforce through retirement
and attrition over the next two decades.
The optional flight training program
for the award of a commercial pilot’s licence
and command instrument rating is delivered
through a Graduate Diploma in Aviation
LGCV). Students enrolled in the Bachelor of
Aviation are invited to apply for the graduate
diploma. For further information on this
SATAC code
Program code
international students only)
ATAR (February 2012 cut-off)
Program length
Assumed knowledge
SACE Stage 2 Mathematical Studies
SACE Stage 2 Physics
SACE Stage 2 Specialist Mathematics.
Home campus
Mawson Lakes
Accepts Special Entry (STAT)
External study available
Part-time study available
TAFE credit available
Honours study available
Program fees
Commonwealth supported
Program fees (international students only) A$22,500 per annum
Scholarships available
Open Day 2012
City West Campus: Sunday 19 August, 70 North Terrace, Adelaide
visit unisa.edu.au/openday
Festival of Innovation
Mawson Lakes campus: Thursday 13 September.
Visit unisa.edu.au/innovation
For more information and to register, visit unisa.edu.au/events