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Special Purpose Computer Pools in the Division of ITEE

The table below provides a brief summary of the special purpose computer pools belonging to Schools in the Division of Information Technology, Engineering and the Environment and managed by the Division's IT support team. 

Note that access to each of these pools is restricted to students undertaking programs or specific courses in these Schools.  The table shows a brief summary of the intended access to each pool.  More detailed information is available from the relevant School.

Special Purpose Computer Pools in Division of ITEE

Campus School Room Number and type of computers Name of pool Access and purpose
City East NBE BJ3-03 8 PCs(WinXP) NBE Experiential Lab NBE Students
City West ITMS SM1-32 10 Apple iMac 27" IT Innovation Studio Student Project Groups 10 allocated timeslots 9am-1pm or 1-5pm, Mon-Fri
Mawson Lakes ENE J2-15 10 PCs (Win7) Experience ENE Studio ENE students
ENE J2-17 25 PCs (Win7) CAD / CAM / CAE Lab ENE students
ITMS GP1-02 8 PCs (Win7) Gaming Lab ITMS Gaming Lab Only
ITMS F1-16\22 78 Apple iMac 21" iMac Lab ITMS Students
ITMS F2-10 21 PCs (Win7) Forensics Lab Forensics Lab Students Only
ENE F1-48 12 PCs (WinXP) Computational Physics Lab ENE students
ENE SCT1-10 16 PCs (WinXP) Digital Lab ENE students
ENE SCT1-40 20 PCs (WinXP) Real Time Lab ENE students
NBE H3-23A 15 PCs (Win7) Geoinformatics Lab Geoinformatics Students
NBE N1-12 20 PCs (Win7) Civil Eng Projects and CWMR Lab NBE students (Civil)
CWMR Students
NBE P2-28A 10 PCs (Win7) Civil Eng
Final Year Projects
Bachelor of Engineering(Minerals and Civil)
Laws Double Degree
NBE / CWMR P2-43A 10 PCs (Win7) Civil Eng
Final Year Projects
Bachelor of Engineering (Minerals and Civil)
Laws Double Degree


Other Student Computer Pools

For information on General Purpose Computer Pools and Computer Barns provided for students in all schools as well as Special Purpose pools in other Divisions go to UniSA Student Computer Pools