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Southern Hemisphere Summer Space Program

White Paper

Each year the Southern Hemisphere Summer Space Program focuses on a particular theme or application area relevant to the southern hemisphere. Assisted by faculty and led by international experts, participants research the theme and jointly author a White Paper to be shared with interested organizations and agencies and presented at international conferences. This is a major output of the program and is the culmination of five weeks of intensive study.

'White Paper 2013

In 2013 the White Paper topic will be: Developing A Sustainable Space Future for the Global South.

Space sustainability has become a major focus of interest among the space-faring nations of the world. The Secure World Foundation defines space sustainability as "the ability of all humanity to continue to use outer space for peaceful purposes and socioeconomic benefit over the long term." (http://swfound.org/our-focus/space-sustainability). This topic should be of special interest for the developing space nations of the global south.  For this project, we define the global south as nations below the tropic of cancer, and to include the emerging space nations of the world. The goal of this team project is to conduct an analysis of how sustainability, broadly defined, can become a focus for space activities in the newly emerging space nations. This team project will be a direct follow-on to the last ISU Symposium held in Strasbourg, and will enhance the results of that discussion and bring them to the needs of the global south.

Space sustainability now figures as an important aspect of our entire range of national and international space planning and operations. Learning how to maintain our access to and use of space has become an inherent part of becoming a space-faring species. The original space powers, including the United States, Soviet Union/Russia and Europe/the European nations, have recently had to make considerable changes to how they operate in order to maintain sustainable access to space. The original goals of simply being able to operate in space quickly and competitively have given way to a more cooperative and sustainable processes. The major space nations have had to reconsider, for example, launch site environmental impacts and a wide range of changes are being made that are requiring major costs, organizational, and cultural changes in their organizations and means of working. In addition, the private sector is making significant progress in accessing space and how the new commercial space players will view sustainability is an open question. The project would also consider issues relating to the scarcity of spectrum, orbital slot allocation, cyber attacks and related issues beyond space debris. In addition, 2013 will be the solar max, and we will investigate the potential effects of this as well.

This team project will consider space sustainability, broadly defined, from the perspective of the developing space nations of the global south, which we define as the nations south of the Tropic of Cancer. How can the developing space nations, including China, Brazil, South Africa, Nigeria, etc. start out with sustainable infrastructure, processes and goals, and avoid the need for later changes in operations that will require large financial costs and organizational restructuring?'

 White Paper 2012

"REACH2020; Tele-Reach for the Global South"

The Mission Statement; "to develop a sustainable framework under which states can collaborate on economic and social needs, and maximize Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to provide space and terrestrial tele-reach applications".

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 White Paper 2011

"Paths to Progress: Space and the Southern Hemisphere"

The Mission Statement; "to propose space-related policies and strategies to serve current and future social and economic needs of Southern Hemisphere States". 

Download the full White Paper (8MB PDF) Download the Executive Summary (1MB PDF)

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