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Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering Clunies Ross Award

Laureate Professor John Ralston, Director of The Wark, was the recent recipient of the prestigious ATSE Clunies Ross Award for Lifetime Contribution, one of the highest awards in Australia, acknowledging not only fundamental research but its application in making real differences in the world. The ATSE Clunies Ross Award is awarded for the application of science and technology for the economic, social or environmental benefit of Australia and this award recognises John's distinguished career in particle physics and colloid science and its application to the mining and mineral production industries.

This Award has developed successfully over the years into one of the pre-eminent awards for scientists, technologists and innovators across Australia and has recognised the achievements of many special people. A further aim of the Award is to raise the profile of science and technology in the community through promotion of the Awardees and their contributions to Australia.