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ARC Linkage grant success

Hans GriesserIn the Australian Research Council's latest funding announcements, Prof Hans Griesser was awarded a Linkage Grant for a project titled 'Development and evaluation of novel antibacterial coatings'.

The project will be undertaken in collaboration with Dr Tim Kuchel (IMVS), Dr Reto Luginbuehl (RMS Foundation) and Ms Jan Rodda (Mathys Orthopaedics Australia). The partner organisation is Mathys Orthopaedics Pty Limited.

The ARC Linkage grant is for a total of $200,000 over 2 years, with funding commencing in July 2012. The ARC funding will be matched with funds and in-kind support from industry partners.

Infections caused by bacterial biofilms adhering to biomedical implants and devices cause considerable problems in human health care. This project aims to develop a thin coating that can be applied to a wide range of implants and devices to prevent such bacterial infections. This special coating is based on novel antibacterial chemicals derived from Australian plants.

This next phase of the research will test the coatings in the laboratory on functioning implants to assess their effectiveness against bacterial attachment and biofilm formation.

"We want to develop a robust chemical methodology for the coating of biomedical devices and implants to protect them against bacterial infections so that we can progress the technology to a stage when it is safe to proceed to a human clinical study," Prof Griesser said.

"Our goal is to work with industry to develop implants and catheters that can be used in the body with minimal risk of infection, saving lives, post-surgical complications and saving dollars to the health system."